A Quick Review of GB WhatsApp and Vidmate

A lot of debate is centered about GB Whatsapp a modified version of Whatsapp on whether you consider it to be safe or not. For sure there are some definite features of this app that makes people move away from Whatsapp. Let us now get into the details of what this app has to offer

GB Whatsapp offers a lot in terms of privacy settings

One of the anticipated features of WhatsApp profile is enabling you to hide a lot of information on your privacy settings. By the app, you can go on to hide whether you have viewed someone’s status. Normally a blue tick reveals a message is read, a single tick shows a message is sent and the status highlights when you are sending out a message.

In addition GB WhatsApp 2018, also possess the ability to hide chats and then lock them. On the app, you have a passcode meaning that no one is able to open it without your permission. When random polling was done to certify why people used this app the main reason given was for privacy settings.

A unique whatsapp experience is provided that is under your control

Another notable feature of this app is the level of control provided by this app. For example, as part of this app, a lot of custom features are provided. Even the notification and color icon of this app can be changed. In an honest manner, you do have the option of staying 24 hours online till the point your battery is going to die out.

Rather than the pre-set ones you can formulate your own custom theme. If you are planning to share it with others you can share it with GB WhatsApp and a possibility exists that this could be added on to the theme that the app already has. One of the notable features of this app is you can copy the status of others on to your clipboard, no mention of time and copy without the need to copy multiple messages.

If your friend has gone online or has changed their status you are likely to get an alert message. For some, this can be termed as a creepy affair as you do not have to check out whether your friend is online to initiate a conversation.

Other popular apps that have stormed the market

Vidmate 2019 has been an instant hit among the users. This seems to be an easy to use interface as you can download videos in any format or quality of your choice. The videos can be downloaded in HD quality be it 360 p or 1080 p. In comparison to the other apps in the market, the downloading speed is 200 % more as this ensures maximum capability of your internet connection. Even it is possible to download the videos as you can use it later for a unique viewing experience. One thing is for sure you are in a position to download from secure sources so that your phone is secure.

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