A Guide To Car Cleaning Products

Maintaining a clean and shining car is a matter of pride and joy for many of us. Maintaining clean and neat cars have plenty of benefits. It increases the vehicle’s life it minimizes the risk of frame erosion, decreases damage to parts and electronic systems. Your car reflects your habits and projects your image. It portrays a good impression of yourself. Maintaining and washing a car requires some time and special tools that make your cleaning activity easy and more productive. These car care products are readily available and can help you in the job with surprising and satisfying results.

We have compiled a list of car cleaning tools and products that can help you clean your car interiors and exteriors and make it look as good as new.

Hose Nozzles

Washing your car with a hose requires high-pressure nozzles. In the absence of hose nozzles, you will have to put a lot of effort and time into the activity. A high-pressure hose nozzle dislodges loose dirt and grimes off your paint easily. Strong pressure nozzles get tougher dirt and spots off your car without scrubbing the surface. Hose nozzles don’t deliver higher pressure like the pressure washers, but they are an affordable alternative.

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Car Wash Buckets

Ordinary buckets are not suitable for the car wash. The sponge water with which you clean your car contains dust, grease, and oil. Once you rinse this sponge in an ordinary bucket, all water gets dirty, and the same dirty water is absorbed into the sponge again, making the whole activity pointless. To overcome this problem: car wash buckets hold a dirt trap and grit guard that keeps grit and dirt separate from water. You can avoid scratches on your car paint by using grit guard buckets properly.

The use of two buckets for the car wash is also very effective in reducing scratches. In this method, separate buckets are used for car soap water and clean water for rinsing sponges or mitts.

Car Wash Mitts

Cars can be washed with sponges but the car wash mittens make the car wash very easy and comfortable. These mittens are made of microfiber and are safe to use on the car surface, mitts are easy to wash and keep clean when not in use.

Pressure Washers for Washing Cars

Pressure washers are the item that makes car cleaning simplified. You can clean your car thoroughly and save lots of time. Pressure washers need a hose hookup as a source for water and a power source to connect. They are attachable with different accessories like a foam gun or blaster that make pressure washers more practical. They spray car soap on your car; instead of using a sponge or a mitt to soap up your car.

When buying a pressure washer, check its power rating, weight, cord length, accessories, design features, and warranty.

Car Wash Soaps

The car wash soaps are specially formulated with excellent properties to dislodge dirt and grease. Car soaps have three general categories; general use soap, wash and wax, and strip.

General use car soaps are ideal for routine car washes; they don’t strip previous wax or protectant layers, leaving your car nice and shiny. Wash and wax car soaps are a great way to maintain your car wax layers and keep the vehicle clean and shiny. Strip soaps strip away wax or protection layer from your car paint. This soap is effective when it is desirable to polish away deep scratches or imperfections that are deep. Wax strip soaps are used for car wash; before the application of a new coat of wax or ceramic coating to protect car paint.

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Foam Cannons for Washing Cars

Pressure washers work well with the foam cannon. Foam can non coats your car evenly with soap; the pressure washer rids all the loose dirt and grime. When buying foam cannon, make sure the tank capacity is generous, so you don’t have to worry about mixing the wash mixture during car wash.

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