A glance into the world of modern sports business

Sports can be defined as anything which involves physical capabilities and skills where individuals and teams compete against each other for supremacy or entertainment. Any form of sports plays an important role in society where they enable physical, mental, and educational development. They also serve as a unifying factor for the society where they can bring together a huge group of people under groups or patriotic fervor. There are a large number and types of sports that are played throughout the world but very few of them have achieved the success and popularity of games like football, cricket, baseball, etc.

Here, we will be looking at how football and baseball evolved over the ages to become the global powerhouses that they are today and the businesses that drive them.


Also known as soccer in some parts of the world, the term football is majorly used to describe any game that involves scoring goals with a ball by kicking them. Here, by football, we will be referring to association football and the way the game is played at club and country levels.

The game of football, as we know and love, originated in Great Britain, although there are recorded instances of the game being played in some form or the other through medieval China, the Roman Empire, Native Americans, etc. The game of football has become highly commercialized nowadays with huge corporations pouring billions into football clubs and the game is rapidly growing than it has ever before. The popularity of the sport can be determined by the fact that FIFA [Federation Internationale de Football Association], the governing body of football in the world has 211 national football associations registered under it.

With the sport becoming ever more popular, there are several ways in which fans consume football. Some prefer the classic manner of visiting physical stadiums and watching the games live, some prefer watching them live on television or smartphones while some prefer following the game via live football match score updates. With this popularity, a lot of big businesses have sprung up surrounding the game and here we will try to take a look at the commercial and business side of the game of football.

  • Ticketing- For the various football clubs and federations, a huge chunk of their revenues comes from the sale of tickets for their games. These can either be from people who buy matchday tickets or from fans who prefer season tickets and packages as a whole.
  • Broadcasting rights- This is a relatively recent source of income for the clubs in which certain media companies sign exclusive contracts with clubs or leagues and telecast their matches live from the stadium to the fans witnessing from elsewhere. These deals can run into billions and the clubs get a certain portion of the total revenue.
  • Promotions and marketing- The clubs receive a good amount of revenue from sponsorship rights, tours, hospitality packages, merchandising, etc.
  • Betting- With the rise in popularity of the game, a huge and very lucrative betting industry has emerged. Here, people try their luck and hone their statistical skills to predict the outcomes of games and win monetary benefits in the process. The clubs earn from such deals by the way of promotions and sponsorships.
  • Live football match score reporting- For a lot of people, watching football at stadiums or live on TV may not be possible and as a result, a booming live football match score industry has emerged. These companies generate their revenues from advertisements on their platform and the clubs may get a certain percentage of these revenues.

These are some of the major ways football clubs and federations generate revenue and over time, this industry has grown to gargantuan proportions. Now, let us take a look at baseball.


Baseball is a game that involves the use of a bat and a ball. Each team comprises nine players and they compete against each other to see who can score more. The game of baseball originated in the continent of North America and has now been popularised in other parts of the world like Japan, the Caribbeans, etc. There are very few sports in the world as popular as baseball and the audience for this game is massive. Just like football, fans witness matches on TV, at stadiums, via baseball match live score, or over the radio. Now, let’s learn about the business behind baseball.

  • Ticket sales- Just like football, the majority of the revenue for baseball clubs in various leagues is generated from ticket sales.
  • Sponsorships- A lot of big corporations sponsor baseball teams to get their brands promoted. This may come in the form of shirt sponsors, stadium sponsors, etc.
  • Media rights- Baseball clubs have exclusive seals with media companies which help them generate a lot of revenue by handing out telecast rights.
  • Lotteries and betting- A lot of revenue is generated by these clubs and federations from online and offline betting as well.
  • Baseball match live score- Just like football, baseball also enjoys a wide fan following and many of whom prefer live score updates. This is also a big business surrounding the game of baseball.

Final take:

In the modern-day and age, sports have become greatly commercialized and anyone can consume live content anywhere, anytime.