8 Props that can Add Some Glam to Your Boudoir Pictures!

“To know about some sizzling props that can be used for your boudoir shoot, please read this informative blog”.

If you think that props are unnecessary and you don’t need them for your boudoir shoot, then let me tell you that you are going to commit a huge blunder. Adding props and accessories for pictures date back to the 1940s.

Working as a Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer for the past decade, all I can say is that adding beautiful props can add a lot of glamour to your pictures. They just act as a cherry on a cake! So without blabbering any further, here are some of my favorite props. Take a look at the rest of this blog to know more.

Anything that belongs to bae

If it is a premarital shoot or you are getting the shoot done as a Valentine’s Day gift, then you must consider using any of his belongings as a prop. It can be his shirt, his tie, etc. Trust me, he will feel special and loved when he will see that you have used his item as a prop. Wear that short with a classic red lipstick, stilettos, high-waist panties, et al to look like a diva. You can also use his sports gear as a prop. Or maybe, his fav team’s tee!


Nothing can beat the pearl necklace in this case. If you don’t have one or don’t like pearls, you can go for a statement necklace, sparkly anklet, bracelet, or maybe some headgear. The best part about using pearl necklaces is that you now know what to do with your hands.


Feathers are light and airy. And they can surely bring an angelic and feminine feel to your boudoir shoot. They are soft and sensual and are widely used in bridal boudoir shoots. And you can, of course, use them even if it is not a bridal one. Your Washington Boudoir Photographer can guide you through the same.


The classic red bottom heels or silver stilettos can never go wrong. You can also opt for boots or tennis shoes. Just make sure that the entire look is cohesive. Nothing can be matched with sexy or sporty foot war when it comes to my fav prop.

Champagne bottle

Pose like a star in front of the camera with his favorite bottle of scotch. You can also use a champagne bottle as a prop. This is also an idea that my clients love and appreciate.


Delicate, pretty and feminine – think roses, lilies, tulips or the flower you like. You can also use rose petals in the background. The best part is that it will also add to the mood and the feel apart from just setting the right background.

Fishnet or silk stockings

Now come on! We all know that they are sexy. Wear them with the right corset and you can look like a Goddess! You can use them with garters or use the thigh-high ones. Trust me, you will look gorgeous and they act as a very erotic prop.

Kinky Props

From handcuffs and chains to belts and blindfolds, you can use all kind of kinky stuff as a prop if you want to cross the line and be a little naughty. If it is a gift, then your boyfriend or husband would love it.

So these are a few props that you can use for your boudoir shoot. What are you waiting for? Start prepping up now. Enjoy the shoot and feel confident like never before.

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