7 tricks to get more views on your YouTube video

In the 21st century, everyone wishes to open a YouTube channel and upload videos of their liking. Some of them are junk, and some of them are really worth it. But how do we differentiate between them, the simple answer to that would the one having more likes and views. But that may not be true always. The one thing YouTubers are always asking for is more subscribers and how they wish to get their video on trending because that would increase their popularity. In order to increase their popularity, they sometimes use techniques like buy USA  twitter followers or Instagram or Facebook followers, so that it would somehow help their channel grow.

So following are some techniques for helping you get more views on your videos, without getting down and dirty.

1.Annotations across videos- annotations are those small little text bubbles which on videos and say things like please subscribe, or like comment and share. That may seem like a low-key technique, but it really helps. It probably gets in the mind of the viewer subconsciously, and at the end of the video they end up hitting the subscribe button.

2.Playlist- so this playlist is like a group of videos that will in order, like one video after the other. So what the best part about them is, that if you have a playlist, the users will find it easier to get access to your video and while watching that, they may also end up watching your other videos.

3.Subscribers- this is the foremost and the best thing that the YouTuber can do. They should ask for subscribers without thinking anything, subscribers are the ones that become the measure of your popularity on youtube, and they are the ones who would stay loyal to your channel and all your videos.

4.Bulletins- it is a feature introduced recently, it is something which the YouTubers can use to interact more with their subscribers. So all they do is, put up like a picture of behind the scenes or send out a text to all your subscribers. And all of this would appear on your homepage, so be smart while picking out what to post.

5.Video responses- Head over to the video you’d like to post your video response to. You’ll notice that next to the comment box you can click on “Create a video response.” Click, and you’ll be directed to a page that lists all of your videos. Click on the one you’d like to use as your video response. It takes two seconds and can be a great way to get some extra video views.

6.Community- the one thing each YouTuber should know is taking advantage of the youtube community, then you are only making out a fool of yourself. So one needs to get out there, find their youtube idols and spread out the love to other YouTubers by commenting on their videos and encourage them to head back to your video and do the same. The other best thing about the youtube community is collaborations, there is nothing better than 2 of your favorite YouTubers, doing a video together.

7.Topical content- the simple and foremost thing to remember is that you need to keep your content fresh and unique which attracts loads and loads of people.

These are some techniques, which one should follow or can easily resort to things like buy USA twitter followers.

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