7 instant ways to speed up your slow iPhone

Research shows that anger issues are developed from slow, lagging mobile phones that more often than not end being thrown in anger.

Want to avoid that? Then follow these 7 easy ways to speed up your slow iPhone

First things first, clear the memory on your phone:

This is the most well-known tip to increasing an iPhone’s speed but it is also effective and highly essential to ensure that your phone works optimally. Take out time and sit and delete all unwanted files, pictures, videos and music that no longer serve purpose being on your phone. You could back it up on a hard drive or to your laptop giving some breathing space to your iPhone. Make sure your phone is not overloaded with excessive memory if you want your phone working smooth.

  • Remember to close apps that aren’t being used

Leaving unessential apps open not only wear out the battery but also the memory of your iPhone which in turn affects the CPU,affects the performance which will eventually cause your phone to get hanged. End this never ending vicious cycle by always remembering to close apps that are not being used. Whether it is a social media app that you closed midway browsing the feed or the time you took a break playing Pubg). For all the loyal users of iPhone, the home button has more than one use, the other use is of double pressing on the home button to activate the app closer and reduce the workload intensity on your iPhone.

  • Turn off automatic app downloads

The reason why your phone is overcrowded is because of all unwanted files, images and videos that make way in your mobile simply because the automatic download hasn’t been turned off in your phone. The other solution can also be to turn off back ground app refresh which ensures the apps do not refresh content when Wi-Fi or cellular data have been turned on. The other more extreme measure is to turn off the apps to save on the battery life and memory.

  • Reduce animated motion for apps

Don’t you just love all the visual effects and motion iPhone has when you swipe to look for apps? It so happens that it takes up battery life and affects the performance and speed of the phone. iPhone has some really nice motion graphics when shuffling between apps, but reducing them is required to enhance performance of the phone.

Think of your phone like your body, isn’t it completely exhausting to move a muscle after a hard day at work? Now put your phone in your position. It is after all a machine and we need to respect and handle our device with lots of care.

  • Update the IOS

If even after doing all this, the other option would be to update your IOS. It is advisable to update to the latest version of IOS which will fix the issue because iPhone supports the latest version and will be able to get your iPhone up and running the same way it was. Always keep yourself aware of the latest versions and keep updating as soon as you receive notification to do the same.

  • Clear browsing history on Safari

Next option to try and clear Safari’s data, cookies as they occupy space too on your iPhone. Just go onto setting, and clear the history and website data to reduce and improve performance.  By doing this, it is also possible that Safari might forget your preferences and won’t suggest them as you are searching the web.

  • Replace the battery of your iPhone

Sometimes the reason your iPhone is behaving sluggish is probably because of the battery. Old batteries have a tendency to work slow and affect the entire performance of the iPhone. So, keep checking on the batteries and replace them at iPhone repair center with the new ones available in the market to ensure speed and performance of your phone.

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