7 Home Decor Ideas for Rakshabandhan That Will Catch Your Attention

One of the most sacred bonds is shared by brothers and sisters, and in India, Rakshabandhan is celebrated to celebrate this relationship. The female ties Rakhi (a holy thread) on the wrist of her brother, who in turn, takes the oath to protect his sister from all odds. Many who live overseas also upkeep the tradition and send Rakhi to India to their brothers on the occasion. Just like other important festivals in the country, on this day, the house is also decorated and delicacies are arranged.

As the occasion is grand, the family house is decorated well in advance and everyone gathers around for a small celebration. To make the event special, decorations are done with full zeal. Brightened up rooms with gift flowers and aromatic essences bring life to the environment. After all, the home decor on Raksha Bandhan inculcates the element of warmth, love, and peace.

There are several ideas for home decoration on Rakhi, which we will share with you. Below provided are ways you can decorate your home this Raksha Bandhan.

Home Decor Ideas for Rakshabandhan
                                Home Decor Ideas for Rakshabandhan
  1. Make the Space Welcoming: The front door of the house is the first space that comes to the notice by relatives. You can make them feel more welcomed by decorating the main door. Hang ethic-looking toran and rose petals. Put a Rangoli at the entrance. Spread around diyas and lamps with fresh flowers.
  2. Rearrange the Furniture: You do not always have to invest in something to upgrade the home decor. For this Raksha Bandhan, you can simple rearrange the furniture in a way to provide a unique ambiance. Shift the couch to another corner, place ottomans on the floor, and roll out a carpet. If you are going to have many guests on the occasion, you can make the central area of the room spacious by removing the coffee table and relocating it to another place.
  3. Home Decor Pieces: You can bring festive decor pieces for decorating the house. It need not always be an expensive item. If you and your siblings do not live in the same house, you can help them with home decoration. You can send flowers, garlands, and bouquets to renovate their home for the occasion. Select basic things that speak volumes, such as lights, wind chimes, paper lanterns etc.
  4. Freshen Up: Decorate the hallways with fresh incense sticks; a sweet-smelling passageway will surely uplift the mood of family members. Place colourful pebble potpourri on wall stands. Vases with fern leaves and assorted flowers will look great. Braided hemp ropes as sideway curtains will invite freshness to the rooms.
  5. Be Organized: When we talk about home decoration on Rakshabandhan, it is not just about adding new elements around the house, but also how you organize the space. A lot of home decor enthusiasts claim that organizing the goodies in artistic ways itself can make the area look outstanding. You can pile the give-away gifts in a specific pattern and awe the guests. If too many siblings are going to tie Rakhis, you can place all the Rakhis together in a decorative bowl.
  6. Add Bright Colours: Break the monotony by adding different colours to the rooms. A change of colours can make a huge difference in the overall feel and look of the house. You can choose a new paint for the walls or put up colourful paintings and wall hangings in the area. Change the covers, curtains, linens to something lively and brighter.
  7. Go Glamorous: Though lights and colours will bring a sophisticated look to your house, you can add a touch of glamour as well. Bring in few throw away cushions, mismatched drapes, and rugs. Look for a nice artificial water fountain, floating candles, and revamp the temple space inside the house with sandalwood items.

Celebrate the bond of affection and love, send Rakhi to India to your brother even if he lives far-away and surprise him with cakes and chocolates. On the other hand, this Rakshabandhan you can deck up your home by following the above-mentioned decor ideas.

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