Are your employees resigning one by one? Do you feel like they are not that happy to work for you? Then you might start thinking of the most workable solutions to prevent them from jumping from your company to the other.

If and only if you are ready to follow, here are the simplest yet most helpful ways you can execute in order to save your sinking ship and your passengers from drowning.


In building up your business or company, you might as well build a sturdy foundation of communication. Communication is the key to an effective social life be it personal or business-related. A proper and effective communication connects people together and bonds them as one. If you want to see your employees livelier at work, you have to reach for them and make them comfortable to interact with you.

It is understood that a majority of the employees are intimidated with their boss, that is not a surprise.   Some bosses may feel great and proud if that is so, but do you know that it is not something for you to be proud of? Why? Because that simply means that there is a barrier or boundary built between you and your employees, that may lead to misunderstanding or misconception of thoughts and actions which are not helpful for the company as well as to the business.


It really means a lot to someone when they receive compliments towards the work they’ve done with their sweat and blood. This can primarily apply to your building workforce. Learn to say, “excellent job” or simply tell them to “keep it up” when they deserve to. You must be an appreciative type of a boss than a boss who is pictured like a lion dominating the forest – afraid to see potentials from others.

Stop with the cliché thoughts that you must be hard on your employees to keep them going at work. That is not true. Because to make them feel appreciated and valued is just one of the million ways you can keep them and make them stay by your side.


This is one of the most effective strategies for you to do if you seek a better performance from the workforce. Providing a respective incentive is not a crime, take note of that. It is one of the instruments for the employees to work harder and to focus more on their chosen field of work.

If your company implements incentives program, it is more likely to have a workforce with an excellent or near to that performance.  One of the main incentives given is the bonus that an employee might get once he or she has perfect attendance – that means no late and absences. From that example, you can anticipate the employees to attend their work on time and avoid missing out on working days. Implementing incentives can discipline the employees by means of pointing out to them that whatever they do accordingly to the rule of the company, they would have a reward or respective bonuses.


If you are striving hard to be a good leader, why not be a good listener first?  Being a boss is not easy, yes, and that is not questionable. However, some may seem to misunderstand the concept of being a “boss” and forget that the company can’t run if he or she be the only one to work all the time, I bet you are not one of those bosses. Some employees may encounter for once in their lives a particular high-ranked person who doesn’t want to hear or accept someone else’s opinion especially those who are in a lower position.

Well, don’t be that kind of an employer because the real treasure of your company is the hundreds or thousands of minds working in there. Don’t be scared or selfish if you see one or two people with great potential on the marketing field or communication field, instead, start their career, give them a big break they deserve. And you’ll realize how awesome it feels to develop or produce such excellent people in your company. Always listen, accept thoughts and opinion.


You must know that the HR department is the ones who filters and screens the applicants before they officially work for your company. Moreover, an effective HR support is the ones who must provide training and development programs for the employees.

 Once the employees feel that they have a room for learning in your company, they will be overwhelmed and happy enough to pursue their career on your company.

Moreover, and effective HR Support must also provide investigations if anomalies are being suspected. They are the one to conduct an interview with the suspected employee or to people who may be involved in serious issues within the company premises.


One of the most crucial parts of having a company is to find an employee or any person in a company whom you can entrust your thoughts, ideas, or everything you want or keep private. How to get this done? Simply build a confidence and trust between you and your employees. respect them like you want to be respected in return.

You can start by not acting like a big boss – like you are the wealthiest person whom they can ever meet. Act normal, or if you can, act like you are one of them. In that way, they would be more comfortable in approaching you when they have certain questions or clarifications. Because, when you build confidence and trust between you and your workforce, you could more likely achieve the success you are longing for. As the saying goes, everything is better when you work together.


When your employees feel that they can’t just give up on their job because of money, that only means that you are not an effective leader. A leader doesn’t only make a way for the success of the company but also for the success of everybody. You must help them grow in their field not make them feel like they are less of a person than they were before.

Don’t ever make them feel like they need the job because you can pay them, instead, make them feel that you need them because that is the truth. And if you can, make them feel like their work is their second home and their salaries are just the bonuses.


Kath Ramirez is a writer who once dreamed of being a professional travel blogger/vlogger. She thinks that writing is the epitome of stress reliever and she does write best when she wants to express her current mood. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays and a food addict. She is now a writer in HR Dept, a company in United Kingdom who provides human-resource assistance.

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