7 Facts about Dental Crowns That You Need to Know

Modern dentistry has opened up avenues that were earlier impossible to even think. Previously if you had broken or chipped your tooth, the only solution that you could have got was that it had to be taken out and it was not always done in a gentle manner.

But fortunately, times have changed now and if you have a tooth that is broken you have several tooth restoration procedures to take care of it and the dental crowns are one of the most popular processes among them.

If you have damaged teeth with a weakened structure, a dental crown can offer solution for restoring the strength of the teeth. There are lots of things that can lead to tooth damage like a severe cavity development, or your biting down a hard food piece or undergoing a root canal treatment.

All these can contribute to the weakening of your teeth. A dental crown can come to your help under such circumstances. But prior to opting for it here are some essential facts that you need to know about crowns.

  • Crowns Can Help to Save Teeth – When a tooth is severely damaged, crowns are effective solution. Basically, after removing the cavity, the dentist puts in the filling as usual but then the dentist puts a crown over the tooth for protecting the filling. This can work with root canals or with regular cavities. At times, in order to fit the crown, the dentist can shave a bit of the enamel. But this process allows you to save the tooth otherwise the tooth may have called for extraction.
  • Dental Crowns are Ceramic – These crowns are nothing but hollow ceramic pieces.
  • Reasons for Using Dental Crowns – A variety of purposes can be met with the help of a dental crowns. They include the following –
  • Crowns can be used for the restoration of tooth that is broken severely.
  • Teeth can chip, break, crack or decay. A crown can be placed on the tooth to hold it together. A protected tooth means a smile that is healthier.
  • Crowns can provide support to dental bridge that calls for two healthy teeth on either side. In case it needs, further support, a dental crown may be required.
  • Crowns can help to improve smile. They can be placed on misshapen or discolored tooth.

If you are thinking of improving your teeth, health or appearance, then a dental cap is all you need.

  • Crowns and Caps are the Same Thing – A crown is same as that of caps. In fact, you can interchange these words and use. The word “crown” can be popular at this moment, but caps also mean the same.
  • Crowns Are Not Cosmetic – Crowns can revitalize a decayed or broken tooth and it can address a row of missing teeth. Nevertheless, a crown is much more than just cosmetic solution. They are in most cases medically necessary. In case you are looking for just cosmetic solutions, you van have a look at the porcelain veneers. These are thin porcelain sheets that can be attached to your teeth for addressing excess pointiness, discoloration, gaps with adjacent teeth and other cosmetic issues.
  • Dental Crowns Can Last Over a Decade – Dental crowns usually are quite durable and depending on the care and upkeep they can last from 5 to 15 years.
  • Crowns Happen to be Custom-made for You – Irrespective of what materials you choose, crowns are always customized for you. Most dentists create a mold of your mouth and that is sent to a lab where the crown is made. This ensures that the crown fits your bite perfectly. You can also customize the coloration so that everything blends in the perfect manner.

Now that you have some information about dental crowns, you will be more confident to go for it after consulting with a competent and experienced dentist at the reputed dental clinic in Hyderabad so that you can restore the teeth and can flaunt your smile whenever you want with confidence.

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