7 Best Fundamental SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is a never-ending struggle to enhance your website’s organic search engine ranking pages (SERPs) on different search engines. When a user types in a particular keyword on a search engine, a result is displayed on SERPs. The top results are determined with respect to their search engine optimization and the top websites get the most traffic on them as their visibility in the best amongst the rest.

SEO has leveled the playing field in this new age of digital marketing. Digital marketing is now open to new businesses and individuals who want to expand their operations and create new avenues by ranking organically on SERPs. Although there are other methods to get traffic in digital media, they require some investments. On the other hand, organic traffic is generated naturally from search engines and who doesn’t want to generate revenue from free traffic?

Importance of SEO

When you work on your website’s search engine optimization, there are many things that are to be covered. New businesses and even the older ones want to enhance their SEO when starting a website or working on an existing one, but the problem is that SEO is always neglected or lacks a positive and long-term approach. They put considerable effort into developing their websites but in the end look forward to black-hat SEO methods for temporary gains. Sometimes they also lack in monitoring their SEO and website optimization. It makes you vulnerable to mistakes, wrong planning and opportunities slipping.

Fundamental SEO tools

There are numerous tools available on the internet that can help you monitor your search engine optimization. With a proper monitoring and analysis, you can practically determine what are the areas that need your attention and where you are performing well. With these tools, you can easily work your way to the top of organic rankings, which will help your company to expand and dictate the market.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of 7 important SEO tools that are available to everyone. Although some are paid and some are free of cost, these tools will help you keep an eye on your progress, and analyze where you need to work the most in order to expand your business. You can also determine keyword traffic and density coming from a specific country or region, where you can place your focus to generate more fiscal. So let’s get started with our list and find out about these tools.


SEMRush is a marketing SEO tool that is one of the most used by digital marketing community. Optimizers and marketers love this tool as it makes it easier for them to measure the ranking of their web pages and website. It also provides all the essential changes that are crucial for you in making any marketing strategy or short-term planning.

For an instance, you run an online travel agency and you are offering an access to flights compare. SEMRush will provide you all the details which keyword has the best chance to get traffic along with other details that can help you plan your campaigns such as cheapest flights to anywhere, deals, discount and other traveling packages. In this way, you can achieve more exposure to a search engine which will help you target more customers and earn more.

SEMRush also offers you to analyze multiple domains by comparing them together. In this way, you can compare competitors with your own website, as well as getting a better idea of website’s traffic, competitor analysis, keywords, and other data that is important.


SEOQuake offers free SEO tools to all their customers. This tool works like an extension and checks on-page performance, provide an audit, report on link and competitor analysis. It also offers a website analysis and a dedicated dashboard that helps you to import and export features along with essential data.


Moz is considered one of the best SEO tools which are used by a majority of marketers. Moz has a reputation to always reason with Google algorithm updates and changes. It is due to that fact that Moz provides a great deal of insight to frequently asked questions. It helps you to determine the keywords that are necessary to target your content and image attributes in order to rank on them. Moz also helps you to get a site crawl. In general, Moz is a full SEO service dynamo and you can get a good deal of site performance insight.


Majestic offers you countless features that can help you see the ranking of infinite websites. It also offers a detailed analysis of your website with keyword reports, clicks, backlinks, and a general overview of multiple data.


CORA is considered an advanced SEO tool. It offers a site audit that can determine what you are actually lacking and how can you overcome that issue. Although CORA isn’t cheap, they offer a comprehensive site analysis that is important for you to rank organically on a search engine. It tells you your weaknesses and how to convert them into strengths.


Siteliner is an SEO tool that helps you to check your website content. It determines whether it is duplicate, and provide a list of websites where it is uploaded. It is important to write original content on your website, as Google and other search engines penalize you for copying from anywhere. It also helps you to determine any weaknesses in your website that can influence your ranking, such as broken links, page loading speed, page size, internal links and more.


A premium SEO tool, it offers amazing features to everyone. You can get a proper analysis of keywords, as well as determine how hard it will be to rank your web page on a specific keyword. It also offers you a platform to draw competitor analysis, which is important for everyone to succeed. Find out everything about your website with SpyFu and get unlimited access to data which is important for ranking higher organically and generating leads with it.

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