5 Ways to Use Pec-Deck Machine and its Advantages

Sometimes dismissed as a rather powerful machine to develop the chest, the butterfly, commonly called pec-deck is nevertheless a very useful machine when it comes to shaping the chest to be well defined with nice details. You have five uses of this machine that should be present in any gym.

The pec-deck consists of an adjustable seat added to two arms and must join forces with doing your chest. The movement describes a fixed arc, starting from the full opening and closing ends. When you close your arms, you should try it completely, and if possible, hold the tension for one or two seconds. Thus, pectoral muscles will be subjected to greater effort. Upon returning, you do not release the weight. Keep at all times the controlled range of motion. You should not reach the full opening as it has been reported some injuries to open their arms too, especially if you are working with high weights.

1 – General Pectoral Development

As an exercise in the chest, pec-deck is the antagonist of openings; you open with them and you expand the chest with the pec-deck you close it to shape the center. You should not miss in your typical pec routine.

2 – Development of the Pectoral Sulcus or Central Sulcus

It is for this difficult part of the anatomy and pec-deck has been created to shape it; a perfectly divided chest grabs the eyes of everyone. Three sets of eight to twelve repetitions suffice as long as you do not overdo the weight and do not forsake the strict form.

3 – Development of Located Pectoral Groove

You will notice that the pec-deck has several outlets to grab. Well, those shots are at different levels of development so you can privilege upper and upper row well with the bottom. It is best to vary the decision or perform four sets, two for the top and two for the bottom.

4 – Development of Anterior Deltoids

It may not be widely known, but the pec-deck is very useful when working the anterior shoulder. When you exercise the pectoral groove with superior grip, you are also exercising the anterior deltoid and this is one more reason to perform this simple exercise.

5 – Development of Posterior Deltoids

In this case, insert a twist, so you must sit backward. Your chest should be placed on the seat, looking back. It seems wrong position and somewhat comical, but if there are obstacles in your elbows on the arms of pec-deck and push back, you will be exercising very the rear deltoids. Try not to use too much weight, as this exercise gives you little range of motion and insulates much to the deltoids and beware of injuries.

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