5 Useful Tips To Manage Obesity In Kids

Child obesity is not a new thing. It is something that children have been facing since ages. The problem knows no age and can start as early as they start going to a nursery. If you think it is just a physical problem, you might be very wrong here. Being overweight makes a bigger impact on a kid’s mind. It kills confidence and develops a feeling of guilt. If you visit a kids nursery in Dubai, you will meet kids who prefer sitting at a place, and then there will be ones who keep running all the time. Though there are no hard and fast rules, sitting at the same place for a long time might be the early sign of obesity.

If we look around us, we will find many kids who are overweight but still confident. And then, we will find some who are in really bad situations because of those few extra kilos. So, what’s different? What makes one kid confident in his skin and the other just opposite? It is parenting. Some parents may find it to be offensive but parenting decides the fate of a child. While good nurturing can help them be their best version, poor parenting can cause more harm than doing good.

You must have met parents that are overprotective for their kids. And, they are just so protective that they won’t even acknowledge an issue which is already there. The problem starts right there, be it obesity or any other condition. In this blog, we will discuss how to help your kids overcome the social stigma associated with being overweight and how to manage it. Here are a few tips that can be useful:

#1 Acknowledge & Address

Nothing should come like an embarrassment to you, especially if it has something to do with your child. Kids notice even the smallest things even when they start going their kids nursery in Dubai. Being obese is not a crime, and you don’t need to be harsh with your kid for being so. There is nothing wrong if he came crying from school. That’s when he needs to be supported. Your ignorant attitude may push him into lifelong depression that he won’t ever be able to come out. So, you must work on it instead of constantly making him feel guilty. It starts with acknowledgement. Acknowledge the issue and address it, and you will see things coming in place by themselves.


#2 Schedule An Appointment With A Doctor

The next step is scheduling an appointment and visiting a doctor. Be nice to your child and ask him to come with you. Make him understand that you are doing it for him. There are chances that he won’t want to come at first. Stay kind and discuss what’s stopping him. You can try getting an appointment in the evening. It will be easier for him to visit a doctor after coming home from school as he won’t have to discuss this visit with his classmates then. You can take notes from his British nursery Dubai days when you used to convince him by offering an ice-cream. Same idea may work, who knows?

#3 Encourage Outdoor Activities

Do you remember which physical activity your child used to enjoy the most when he was in a British nursery Dubai? It is the right time to reintroduce him to the same sport. Encourage him to go out and play, and go with him if necessary.

#4 Help Him Overcome His Fear

Being overweight causes depression and social fear among children. You must keep checking on your kid if he is okay. It is important to support your kids through all the highs and lows they are dealing with. Make sure you don’t leave them alone!

#5 Keep An Eye On His Eating Habits

It would have been better if you had started doing this right when you searched for ‘nursery near me‘ and started sending him there. However, it is never too late. Allow only the healthy food items and ask him to drink more water!

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