5 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying an E-Bike

The Growing Popularity of E-bikes

Like most electric vehicles, electric bicycles, more commonly known as e-bikes, are gaining popularity worldwide. The convenience of usage combined with the guilt-free experience of going on joyrides without leaving behind a trail of smoke and carbon makes e-bikes trendy and a sustainable choice for the future. However, if you are still apprehensive about purchasing an e-bike, here are five reasons why they are a suitable choice for you.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

It is a known fact that electric vehicles are much more sustainable than fossil fuel vehicles. Therefore, many people support the usage of bicycles. However, it is a lesser-known fact that regular bicycles have a higher carbon emission than electric bicycles. This is because a normal bicycle requires a considerable amount of thrust for pedalling, which increases the carbon emission of the rider. However, e-bikes offer supported pedalling, which considerably reduces the riders’ carbon emissions.

In addition, the battery powering the e-bike requires electrical charging. Moreover, an e-bike consumes no more than 10% of the electrical charge you need to charge a 4-wheeler electric vehicle. Therefore, e-bikes are highly sustainable for the environment.

  1. Overall Cost

The overall cost of operating an e-bike includes energy and maintenance. However, E-bikes require considerably less power to charge their battery fully. Moreover, a fully charged e-bike battery may last up to 60 km. Also, once the battery runs out, you can still use the e-bike.

Regular care, proper usage and frequent checks can prevent extra maintenance charges and service centre visits. In addition, E-bike components like display and battery come with adequate IP rating protection to prevent dust and water-related damages. Even the motor comes with sufficient security to prevent overheating. Therefore, e-bikes require minimal servicing and maintenance costs.

  1. Health Benefits

Cycling, in general, is considered an excellent activity to promote cardiovascular fitness. In addition, cycling helps improve joint mobility, muscle flexibility and overall wellness. However, it is a strenuous activity for those with existing cardiac disease and muscle or joint issues. E-bikes provide assisted pedalling that reduces the physical strain on the rider, making it suitable for everyone.

  1. Wide Range of Variety

E-bikes come in a diverse range for different purposes. Some may even be suitable for multipurpose use. You can easily find a standard range e-bike for your daily commute. In addition, there are mid-range e-bikes that accompany you on your joyrides and workouts. Also, there are advanced e-bikes for adventure trips. E-bikes are suitable for adults, but even those under 18 can ride them as e-bikes do not require a license. Therefore, there is an e-bike for all.

  1. Safety

E-bikes come with numerous safety features to make your ride fun and safe. For example, the feature of speed control and limitation can prevent significant accidents on the road. In addition, many e-bikes come with multi-mode choices allowing you to control the e-bike safely. With modes like pedelec and regular pedal, you can accelerate and slow down the e-bike. You can choose a specific speed and ride the e-bike pedalling with glide mode. High-speed throttle mode can allow you to accelerate up to 25 km/hr.

Additional features like disc brakes are handy for busy streets and uneven or slippery terrains, making the electric cycle in India a viable and suitable option.

Moving Forward With E-bikes

With the growing impact of carbon emissions on the environment, switching to a cleaner and greener choice is the need of the hour. E-bikes not only impact the environment but daily lifestyle too. According to a large-scale survey, more than half of the Indian population owns at least one form of automobile. In a long or short commute, carbon emission is inevitable. However, the choice of using an e-bicycle in India as frequently as possible can make a significant difference in the future.