5 Tips to Elongate the Life of Your Cell Phone Battery

Humans aren’t the only things that can burn out, your phone’s battery does too!

Often due to continually running at full speed, carrying the weight of memory or apps, a phone’s battery might run out of juice. At that moment people either rush to a company that sells a new phone or invest in cell phone repair parts.

However, this creates inconvenience and torsion. After all, nothing sucks more than to wake up one day and find out that your phone’s battery is dead. Luckily, to avoid such a fiasco from happening, a few tips can help elongate the life of your phone battery.

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1. Reduce Brightness 

One of the simplest ways to improve a phone’s battery life is to reduce the screen brightness. Some people tend to continually use the phone while keeping 100% of brightness. This leads to putting excessive pressure on the phone, as it’s already using apps and other features.

Thus, to improve your phone’s brightness ensure to select “auto-brightness,” this will tone down a phone’s brightness when in a dark setting.

2. Battery Saving App

Often playing mobile games can lead to the depletion of the battery. However, to resolve this issue, often people opt for cold turnkey methods like instant quitting. Yet, even though a person quit, sometimes the battery depletion continues to happen.

At that time, the best solution is to invest in a battery saving app to track and evaluate a phone’s overall performance.

3. Control the Apps 

Certain high profile applications are big-time battery-guzzlers. These are mainly gaming apps that come with heavy audio and graphics. For example, games like angry bird or Temple run often extract a lot of battery power owing to the excellent use of graphics and audio.

Thus, if you spend too much time on these apps, chances are your phone’s battery life will start to burn out. So, uninstall apps that pose as a threat to your phone’s health. You can play these games on a tablet or o your PC.

In case, you have these apps installed on your phone, remember to close these instead of keeping them running in the background. Also, try not to use heavy apps for a long period.

4. Wi-Fi off!

Turning down Wi-Fi is a good way to save your phone’s battery. When the Wi-Fi is turned on, the phone is continually trying to find a hotspot to connect. However, while this saves data, what happens is your phone’s battery is continually being depleted.

5. Reduce Push-Notifications

Push notifications might seem harmless and can notify you of important events. But, these push notifications can also lead to depletion of your phone’s battery. So, ensure to turn these off. Well, there you go! These 5 steps can help elongate your phone’s battery life. However, if your phone’s battery is really dying down despite these, try and find an online store that sells cell phone repair parts. You can easily find the right battery for your phone via reputed stores. Cheers!

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