5 things that your shaving brush set must have

In today’s day and age, the number of options in shaving brush set can leave anyone confused which ensures that selecting the best shaving brush set for oneself is not as easy as it was in the past. You can either buy different components for the shaving set or you can buy a ready-made shaving brush set which has all the needed components. Either way, read on further to know the different components that your shaving brush set must have!

  • Shaving brush: – The shaving brush is the most important part of the shaving brush set without which the set won’t be complete in any way whatsoever. Many people choose to apply the foam on their cheeks by using their hands but the shaving brush is always a much better option. The shaving brush set should be the first and the most important object of your shaving brush set. If you are limited by budgetary constraints then you might look for the cheaper variants that are made of nylon bristles. If you are in a position to spend a decent amount of money on the shaving brush then you can consider opting for shaving brush made from either badger, boar or horse hair. Along with the shaving brush you must also look for a brush stand to hold the different components of your shaving brush set in one place.
  • Shaving razor: – The next thing after the shaving brush that you must get for your shaving brushset is the shaving razor. Look for a heavy shaving razor with a heavy handle if you intend to cut through thick stubble. In shaving razors you have the option to either go for straight edge-razors or you can go for double-edged razors.  It has been seen in many cases that the luxury seekers choose to opt for straight edged-razors while people who are looking for superior sharpness tend to opt for double-edged safety razors. If you happen to be a beginner then you should opt for a cartridge razor.
  • After shave lotion: – Your choice of the after shave lotion will depend on the type of your skin and you can choose from options like lotions, creams and balms. After shave lotions seek to reduce the irritations on your skin after the shave and such lotions also work as an anti-septic treatment to any and all of the nicks and cuts that might have occurred during the shave. If you happen to have dry or sensitive skin then you must avoid alcohol-based-after-shaves because they can irritate or dry out your skin.
  • Trimming Scissors: – The next component in your shaving brush set should be a good pair of trimming scissors. It is a must-have in every shaving brush set. You should be careful while using the pair of trimming scissors because using them around sensitive areas can easily cause cuts.
  • Pre-Shave Oil: – The last but definitely not the least component in your shaving brush set should be a good variant of pre-shave oil. It is considered as a very necessary product for nearly every shaving brush set. The pre-shave oil is supposed to be used before lathering the face and it can reduce the occurrence of nicks, cuts as well as post shave irritation. With the help of the pre-shave oil you will be able to keep your skin moisturized and you will be able to keep your smooth as smooth can be. If you happen to be someone who is living in cold and dry conditions then it is an absolute must for you to have a good pre-shave oil in your shaving brush set.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, those were the different things that your shaving brush set must have or should have it. You can either buy a ready-made shaving brush set with all the different components already present in it or you can go about building your own shaving brush set by buying components one after the another.

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