5-Step Guide to Set Up Guest Network on Linksys WiFi Router

Having access to a high-speed internet connection 24×7 has become a necessity. No matter where we are, all we need is an internet connection. Some of us want it for entertainment whereas some need it for completing office work. All in all, it is an internet connection that helps to keep our life on track. Considering the same thing, how can we forget the guests paying us a visit? Don’t they need an internet connection? Well, you’ve to reluctantly reveal the WiFi password of your main network to them. Isn’t it?

But, if you have a Linksys WiFi router installed in your house, you can relax and create a separate guest network by accessing the myrouter.local or linksyssmartwifi.com URL. This way your main home network will be safe in case your guest accidentally accesses a malicious website. Want to know more about the Linksys guest network feature? Let’s dive in.

What is Linksys Router Guest Network?

As the name reveals, the Linksys router guest network is an individual WiFi network that can be created on your router for guests. We understand how traumatic it is for you to reveal the WiFi password to your guests. After all, not every guest visiting you is a friend. Some also try to access your WiFi network to breach its security. With that said, the Linksys router guest network is a boon for you.

Once a guest network is created on a Linksys WiFi router, its WiFi password can be shared with the guests instead of the main network’s password. FYI, the task carried out by accessing the guest network of your Linksys router will not have any impact on the main network. Thus, creating a guest network is all about improving the security of your Linksys router network. Now, you might be wondering about the steps to create a Linksys router guest network. Worry not. The next section is all about that.

How to Set Up Linksys Router Guest WiFi?

  1. Connect Router and Modem

The primary step required in order to manage any setting of your Linksys router is to connect it to the modem. Thus, make sure that your devices are sharing a strong connection and are receiving a fluctuation-free power supply. Know that you won’t be able to access the linksyssmartwifi.com login window if the router-modem connection is weak.

  1. Load a Web Browser

Now, you have to load a web browser on whichever device (computer or laptop) you own. Be certain that the browser is not overloaded with cache and cookies. Additionally, it must be updated.

  1. Access Linksys Router Login Page

As soon as the web browser is ready to work for you, make your way to the address bar and enter the default web address of the Linksys router into it. Hitting Enter will open up the admin page of your Linksys router.

  1. Enter the Admin Password

The next step is to enter the password of the Linksys WiFi router. So, enter the same into the Router Password field and select Log in. If you’ve ever changed the default password, proceed using the new password instead.

  1. Enable Guest Access

After completing Linksys router login, click Guest Access on the navigation panel. Thereafter, select Allow Guest Access. Click the Edit option to give the guest network a WiFi name and password. Save the changes. Your guests will now be able to access the guest network of your Linksys router.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Linksys router guest network is one of the best methods to remain hospitable to your guests without revealing the main WiFi password. Hopefully, you’ll be able to create the one on your Linksys router with the help of this write-up.