5 Reasons Why Delhi is the Liveliest City

The capital city of India is the second largest city in the country population. This historical city is visited by lakhs of tourists from India and all over the globe every year. People consider it as the liveliest city in the country. What are the reasons behind this thinking of the people? Let’s have a look at those reasons in detail.

  1. Architectural marvel- Delhi has a rich historical background. It is connected with the names of some of the great emperors who raised many outstanding structures to add to the glory of their dynasty. It was the home for the Mughal Empire as well as the British Empire for many years and both of them have generated many brilliant structures of their era. Additionally, Red Fort, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, India Gate and Lotus Temple are some of the marvelous constructions that are visited by a large number of tourists and keep the city lively.
  2. Paradise for shoppers- Delhi is paradise for the shopaholic people as they have numerous options to explore till they get tired of shopping. There are many small markets in the city, but there are some markets that are attracting the tourists and have kept the city lively for years. You will witness a powerful bargaining going on the flea as well as street markets of Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, and several other places. If you are willing to buy the best-branded products, you can visit Connaught Place and Khan Market. The city will allow you to do lots of shopping in small budget. However, you may exceed your planned budget as every item being sold here is worth buying.
  3. Culture- The city can be considered as the strong holder of cultures and traditions that the past empires have left behind. Presently, you can witness the mixture of many cultures. Some of the areas have mainly the Muslim population; a few of them have Punjabi people. Some of the areas are dominated by the Bengali population. The ancient arts and crafts business is still on its high in the city. The art galleries and auditoriums showcase the cultural heritage perfectly.
  4. Tempting food- Delhi has a large number of options available for food lovers. You can stay in any hotel in Delhi and step out in the evening to take the joy of lip-smacking street food. Starting from the Parathas of Chandni Chowk to the Chats of various places including Lajpat Nagar Market everything is worth tasting at least once. Golgappa is the must to eat thing whenever you visit Delhi. The restaurants in the city are not behind in this race. They serve the best Mughlai cuisine along with various dishes from all over the country. Cafes are also there to serve you when you want to just sit and relax.
  5. People- It is being said that Delhi is full of arrogant people. Here, you will find that the city has a diverse and very colourful population. You will meet some of the soft-spoken and humble people; at the same time you may come across some fools and some arrogant people. However, it is pretty sure that you will meet some interesting people on your tour of the capital city of India who has kept it lively.

These are the reasons why the city is called the liveliest city and attracts thousands of travelers. It is always ready to cater to all types of tourists; whether a family or a romantic couple or a group of friends.

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