5 Myths Debunked about Mermaid Prom Dresses to Make You Look Stunning

Most prom dresses are available in A-line or ball gown. But have you ever come across mermaid dresses? Mainly popular in the wedding industry, the mermaid dresses are launched in various colors like maroon, lilac, and burgundy. Many people consider that trumpet dress is another name for a mermaid dress. Like this one, there are other myths involved.

If you can debunk the myths, you can embrace the sensuality offered by one gown. The truths will guide who should put on mermaid prom dresses and why. So, go through the following the debunked myths and put on a stunning number.

Myth #1: Mermaid and trumpet dresses are the same

There are certain characteristics that draw the line between trumpet and mermaid dresses. The mermaid dress fits tightly around your upper legs and body. Then the gown flares out around the knees. On the contrary, the trumpet fits around the body but only until the mid-thigh area. Then the dress comes away from the body and opens up. In this way, it takes the shape of a trumpet. So, you can guess that these are two different types of dress.

Myth #2: Mermaid and fit-flare dresses are the same

Fit and flare dress are flattering but it does not add the dramatic effect as mermaid dresses. The former goes off right below the hips and it accentuates the waist. It is also a great option for showing off a curvaceous body and it looks well on the pear-shaped figures. On the contrary, mermaid dresses give out a fishtail-like flare. This is also known as a fishtail dress. This becomes a great choice when there are no curves!

Myth #3: It is not a comfortable option

Many young girls think that the mermaid style prom dresses are pretty hard to manage. You cannot sit, walk, or dance properly – that’s what people think. However, this is not true when you are going to wear a custom-made dress. It is absolutely fine when your body measurements do not match with the standard requirements. When you provide own measurements before the order, the dress will be undoubtedly comfortable. It is better to order the gown beforehand so that you can practice walking.

Myth #4: Mermaid style dress is not for hourglass shapes

Debunking the myth, the mermaid dress is very much suitable for hourglass body shape. If your hips and shoulders have equal width, you should put it on. The narrow waist is another feature to try on the dress. Apart from the hourglass-shaped beauties, the dress is perfect for the inverted triangle body shape. Here, the shoulders are broader than the hips. Moreover, girls who have hips, shoulders, and waist with an equal width also fall under the category of a rectangle body shape. So, you can guess how the mermaid dress is one of the ideal options for every shape.

Myth #5: The dresses are not stylish enough

Contradicting the statement very much, the mermaid dress is romantic and stylish. It can be strapless and the style is considered classic in every sense. The bare shoulders beautifully go with the flair or the skirt and add a touch of drama as well. There is a sweetheart neckline which creates the illusion of curves. The bridal gown gets a modern twist when there are embellishments in the right places.

You can find the mermaid style in simple prom dresses also. The dress looks good on short women because the cut gives a big opening. So, the silhouette makes the person taller. What could be better than this? Of course, you should order a custom-made piece for a good fit.

Author bio: Bethany Rudy is a fashion blogger who has published an article on how to wear simple prom dresses in an elegant way. Here, she debunks the myths about the mermaid prom dresses for having a special appearance.


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