5 mistakes to avoid when packing moving boxes

When you move, you want to pack everything as quickly as possible in the boxes to be ready on the day. However, taking a few more seconds to check certain points, we could make this move less complicated. If you do not use the facilities of House Removal Guildford in packing then you can make mistake. But here is the list of 5 mistakes not to be made during the card boarding phase.

1: Cross the flaps of the cartons

The first mistake occurs when formatting the cardboard: it consists of placing the flaps to form the bottom of the cardboard by crossing a large flap with a small flap. It absolutely must not do it because the cardboard is weakened. Indeed, with the crossing of the flaps, the cardboard is likely to open when it is worn. It is therefore recommended to fold the flaps in the following order: first small flaps and large flaps.

2: Making cartons too heavy to wear

It’s all well and good to fill a box of books, but have you made sure you could wear it? This may sound silly but he recommends carrying his cardboard from time to time when he is being filled to gauge his weight and especially know if you can wear it. It is also recommended not to fill cartons only with heavy things (eg books) but to mix them with light objects (stuffed animals for example).

3: Do not fill the boxes

Indeed, it is unthinkable to close a card that has not been completely filled for two reasons: the first is that you waste storage space and use more cartons than necessary and the second is that the business present in this half-filled cardboard is very likely to be damaged because they will collide during transport but also because the cardboard may collapse if a heavier cardboard is placed above . So always fill the boxes! If you have more business to place, take pieces of folded cardboard, Kraft paper or corrugated cardboard so that everything fits.

4: Use poor quality tape

Choosing a duct tape is not an easy task because it has to be strong enough to keep the boxes closed all the time needed for the move. So, you must opt ??for a tape of quality and great thickness despite its price a little high. There is nothing worse than having your boxes open and your belongings fall to the ground during a move because you already have enough things to do. But if you hire Man and Van Fulham then it will also help you in packing and make you stress free and make your move cheap with best movers.

5: Do not keep the original packaging for appliances

If there is an error that can make you bite your fingers, this is it! Given the price at which one buys a television, it is important to pack it well during the move. And how better to pack it than to put it back in its original carton? This original packaging is often equipped with polystyrene supports that will allow it to be maintained and not to receive any shocks encountered on the road. Even if this poses a problem of storage (a television card takes a lot of space), it is better to keep the original packaging rather than buying a television with each move!

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