5 Indian Desserts That Are Way to Droolworthy

Do you know that desserts are the ideal stress busters? However, keep in mind that you should take in moderation. Having sweet in your mouth gives you a sense of feeling good though it does not help completely.

Are you a lover of Indian cuisine? Do you know that Indian menu contains several delicious desserts and waiting to try them out? If so, then you must try out below mentioned five popular Indian desserts, which are absolutely delicious and mouthwatering.

Explore the five delicious Indian desserts

India always prides itself in providing a huge collection of tasty desserts right from laddoos to halwa. When you dine in any Indian restaurants across the world, you will surely spot out these desserts in the sweet shop menu. It is guaranteed that you would never taste such an irresistible dessert ever before in your lifetime. The wonders of asking Indian desserts to eat will also happen. Without wasting time anymore, jump into the list of five must try Indian desserts.

  1. Gulab Jamun

One of the most popular and must have festive food choices in almost all the Indian households is gulab jamun. The main ingredient of this dessert is khoya that is usually fried until it turns golden brown to create chubby and soft delicious balls. Later on, those balls dipped into the sugar syrup, which includes saffron.

  1. Rasmalai

Rasmalai is typically made from paneer balls, which colored cream, white, or even yellow. These paneer balls are soaked nicely into the thick condensed cream or milk to render a refreshing and superb cold dessert. It is the most popular Bengali sweet dish.

  1. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is the most traditional dessert in India, which is made from chenna. It lists among the best Indian desserts enjoyed by plenty of people across the world. The whitish soft and spongy balls dipped into the sugar syrup to prepare this authentic dessert.

  1. Rabdi jaledi

Rabdi jaledi is another mouthwatering dessert made of two of the popular Indian sweets called jalebi and rabdi. Usually, jalebi served crispy and hot along with the cold rabdi. It is one of the famous desserts enjoyed widely in North India.

  1. Kheer

Plenty of milk-based puddings are available in India and Kheer is one among them.  It is normally made by boiling rice along with sugar and milk. Then, it is garnished with cardamom, nuts, saffron, and dry fruits. Payasam, Phirni, and Kheer are different kinds of Indian milk puddings. Sometimes, rice is replaced with vermicelli.

All these outstanding desserts will surely melt your heart every time you take a bit of it. Apart from these, in the Indian sweet shop menu, you will also find and enjoy burfi, mango lassi, laddu and so on.

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