5 easy-breezy ways to upgrade your home décor

Whether shifting to a new room or just tired of the old look of it, one always needs to upgrade his/her room decor. Upgrading the room won’t only change its look, but would also fill it with positive vibes. One can use abstract modern art paintings, new curtains, new paint or such things to renovate the room. There are many ways by which, a room can be changed from boring to exciting within a short span of time. Some of the methods are stated below.

 1.Create a feature wall: Feature walls are the ones that have a certain pattern which has been painted. If your room is of a neutral color, then you can pick a wall and paint it with some bright solid colors by using different techniques to create a pattern. Feature walls always stand out and give the house an artistic look. One can always try this method while renovating the room. Another advantage of this method is that a person doesn’t have to focus on painting the other walls in any color as just white painted walls will also do. These walls enhance the look of the house without much effort. This is an easy method and it won’t even take much time.

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2.Comfortable furniture: Comfortable furniture like a new sofa or a bean bag can always improve the look of the room. A new shelf, coffee table, a table lamp can also be used for decorating a room. Furniture always defines the room and makes it look more welcoming. Even rearranging the furniture can do wonders. Keep the sofa in front of the feature wall, arrange the shelf and keep the lamp beside it. One can get new furniture and can adjust it with the existing ones in the room and upgrade it or renovate it for a better look.

3.Using patterns: Instead of painting the walls in a single color, one can use patterns or stencils to give a royal look to a room. Creating patterns is not that difficult. One can get stencil templates from a stationary shop or can even create one at home. Cut out the design and then use the template to paint over a white or any other colored wall. Patterned walls look really nice.

4.Using DIY methods: There are some really easy DIY methods for renovating a room. One can use blue tape to create geometric designs. Just use the tape on the wall anywhere and create a pattern, even if it’s not a planned one. Paint it with any colors and then remove the tape after the paint has dried. This method would give a geometric look to the wall. Another method is creating graffiti designs. Pick up a marker and start doodling. The advantage of the graffiti design is that one can leave it as it is without worrying about painting it. These DIY’s don’t take much time and would easily upgrade the room.

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5.Using art pieces: Art pieces can always be used for decorating a room. Place it in a feature wall or by the light; they help in making the room look more beautiful. There are many abstract modern art paintings for sale that a person can get for room decor.

Art pieces usually can be brought from galleries, online or from sale too. Paintings won’t cost much and would enhance the look of the room without much effort. Locate a reliable art gallery, and buy the art pieces for your home.


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