5 DIY Plumbing Tips for Beginners

What if while cooking when we go over the sink to clean the utensils, the pipe got broke, or suddenly when we go to use the washroom, we find that toilet is running? Not everywhere we would get 24/7 service as what service providers like plumber Liverpool provide. Not every time can we call for a plumber and waste money on problems like these, arises. We can solve it on our own.

Here are 5 DIY plumbing tips that everyone should know:

  1. Always know the main water shutoff valve

It is essential to know where the main valve is and most importantly to know how to shut it. So, when we have any leakage or running water; first we need to shut the main valve, i.e., turn it 90 degrees with a water meter cut off key, which will turn off all the water of the house.

      2. Fix the tap leakage

The reason for the leakage is that the tap washer is damaged or worn out, which needs to be replaced, and we can fix it by following these steps:

Buy a new washer from a nearby hardware price.

  • Shut off the main water valve to stop the water supply.
  • Remove the tap handle by unscrewing it.
  • Remove the plastic insert by using cloth and a wrench, and then unscrew the brass valve.
  • Remove the nuts that hold the washer, replace it with a new washer and then tighten the nut.
  • Turn the water supply on and check whether it be fixed correctly.
  1. A plunger helps to unclog the drain

Always try to keep your drain clean, but sometimes, washing or taking a bath, debris and hairs clog the drains. Using a plunger to remove it helps it and makes it easy. Put the plunger into the drain, which will suck out the particles that clogged it.

  1. Stop a running toilet

The flapper inside the tank is not sealed properly, due to which it wears out and causes a running toilet. It can be replaced easily by following the steps below:

  • Use the valve on the pipe behind the toilet bowl and turn off the water to the toilet.
  • To check whether the chain is broken, open the cistern and adjust it accordingly.
  • If the flappers need to be replaced after taking a look at the arm holding the chain when working, remove it.
  • Take the flapper to the nearby hardware, purchase the matching product and replace it by the same way you remove it.
  1. Keep an eye on the water heater

Check the water heater from time to time. If we ignore it or stay out from home for several days, it can lead to an accident. So, turn off the valve clockwise on the cold water supply that goes into the hot water heater.

One thing we must keep in mind, i.e., to shut off the water supply to the house when fixing any leakage; it will lessen your trouble. Since we cannot always hire a plumber, it is necessary to adopt these DIYs that will come in handy.

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