We often see the potential value that many everyday products and services provide. Take, for example, a funeral memorial card. Printed cards for funerals can also be personalized. They are a common way for families to share details about their loved one’s order of service and to honor the life of someone who means a lot to them. But for funeral professionals, we’ve seen these cards so often that, at this point, we look right behind them. We no longer see them as opportunities for healing. Instead, we fill them in in the usual, symbolic way we always have.

But who says a funeral memorial card is just another basic offering in the funeral toolkit? Why should they have to be this drab, traditional card – let’s be real – that most people throw at the end of the service rather than holding on as a meaningful collectible of their loved one’s most significant life moments? You can get the custom memorial wallet card so that people keep it in their wallets.

If you allow them, a funeral memorial card can be another way your funeral home goes overhead and beyond for the families you serve. How? By doing as a priceless occasion for personalization, memory sharing, and celebration. To inspire you, we have mentioned significant custom features that can help you elevate your funeral memorial wallet card.

Custom Features to Elevate Your Funeral Memorial Card:

1. Choose A Theme That Represents Your Loved One

Every person has a passion that pushes them forward in life… maybe it’s a lifelong dedication to teaching, passionate love for nature, or a career as a firefighter. Whatever that passion, it often serves as the guide that accompanies us in our lives, and it should be represented as a large part of our ultimate life story that we tell. To help keep this passion front and center for all of your memorial prints, you can get available themes that you can choose and design according to your loved one’s life story.

2. Create A Special Photo Collage

When it comes to representing the memories, stories, and unforgettable moments of a lifetime, a single photo just isn’t enough. So why limit yourself to just one picture on your loved one’s funeral memorial card? You can make collages with different photos from their life. Represent their most joyful moments with the help of pictures; for example, you can include photos of grandparents with each one of their grandchildren or show a collage of someone from all of their life’s journey. The possibilities are endless.

3. Include A Favorite Quote, Song, or Poem Lyric

Photos aren’t the only meaningful souvenirs we cherish after a loved one passes away. We also turn to the all-powerful, inspiring texts he held dear throughout his life. For example, a memorable quote, a favorite song, or even a particular poem that they used to sing. Combining these phrases and texts into a loved one’s final send-off can be a small yet inspiring reminder of their interests and personality.

There are various platforms through which you can make a memorial card for your loved one. In which you can include text and can write a message, and choose any font according to your preference to make it more pleasing.

4. Share A Family Member’s Personal Note

Another great way to integrate messaging and texting into your loved one’s memorial card is you can include a heartfelt and personal note written by a family member or friend. Too often, when we love someone, a few words go unsaid, and this is the perfect opportunity for someone who has a meaningful relationship with their loved one to tell their side of the story or share a story. With this, you can share the special memory that they have.

5. Include A Space For Family and Friends to Share Their Own Memories

A significant way to assure that a funeral memorial card has significance for the family members and friends you share it is to make it personal and interactive to each funeral visitor. One way to do this is to leave a blank space available for people to write their memories and stories of their loved ones. They can keep the text and keep it on their memorial card forever, or they can tear it up and share it with immediate family to cherish in the future.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to make an interactive funeral wallet card? If yes, then visit Custom Memorial Programs to make the process easy. They have years of experience and offer you well design for the final product. Check out their layouts for your loved one memorial funeral card.