5 Common Problems with Electric Gates & How Can You Fix Them

News of regular burglaries in different parts of the city and unwanted entrance by trespassers in the property, always raises a question in your mind, is your residential or commercial property safe enough to withstand all these? If your answer is ‘no’, then you need to take an immediate step to enhance the safety and security of your property. Wondering what to do? Though there are several security devices that you can install to your home or office, most of them can only detect crime, not prevent it. However, installing an electric gate can help you with this. So, buying and installing it will be the right choice for you.

However, buying this gate from one of the reputable companies that offer electric gates Melbourne, Sydney, and other places in Australia will not be enough if you want to see it in the working condition for a long time. You have to maintain it. And to help you, here, we have put together a few problems that are common with electric gates and how to prevent these. Take a look.

  1. Insects/Vermin

Before you even come to know about this, insects like ants can build a house within your equipment. Most of the time, they hide in control boxes and warmer places, such as safety photocells. In order to prevent this, check the area around the equipment for any ant or other vermin trails on a regular basis. Brush around the area and place a friendly insecticide around the units. In order to ensure safety and smooth running of your equipment, don’t open up any part of the system, and if you feel that the problem is going to be a big challenge, then consult with a professional immediately.

  1. Gate tracks

Obstructions like small sticks or stones can prevent your sliding gate from running properly. Actions such as sweeping around the track can help to keep it clean. However, don’t spray any lubricant or solvents on the gate or track itself as this can cause major damage.

  1. Gate hinges

Hinges are often considered to be the most overworked part of the gate. So, you should check it on a regular basis to make sure that they are in good condition. You can use silicone spray for lubrication. And if you want to get the best solution, then get assistance from the technicians.

  1. Manual mode

As the storm season is approaching fast, a power outage is inevitable. If a power cut occurs and you need to open your gate, then you need to set your automation to manual mode. Make sure to check this option from time to time. As you never know when you will be in need of this option, it is better to check this after every 2 months. If you find that this option is not working and you are able to open the gate automatically, then contact the technician and let them solve the issue.

  1. Remote controls

You may have noticed that the remote controls generally feature a flashing light that flashes every time you open or close your gate. If the light stops flashing, then it means that the batteries do not have life, and you need to replace them with new ones. Always keep one or two batteries, otherwise, you need to find a store that offers the batteries.

If you want to ensure optimum security, then you need to check and maintain your electric gates on a regular basis. However, if the door is decades old, and no more in the working condition, then you should opt for a company that offers balustrades, automatic gates, and steel fabrication Melbourne, and buy a new gate for your property.

Author Bio: Harry Wilson, a popular blogger on automatic gates and steel fabrication Melbourne, here writes on a few problems that are common with electric gates Melbourne and how to solve these.


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