5 Cheap European Destinations You Must Visit

While the electricity of the U.S. Greenback increases, you’re actually getting greater bang for your buck. The Euro is down and that means all your European prices sooner or later are too! Things that take up a majority of your traveling costs including transportation, accommodation, and food will all be less than it changed into the closing year.

I’ve compiled a listing of the most inexpensive destinations that I’ve skilled at the same time as gallivanting via this top-notch continent. While there are lots more suitable candidates, these are the ones I loved the maximum.

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1. Nice, France

This terrific coastal town at the French Riviera isn’t always handiest a €4 teach experience away from Monaco (which hiya, who doesn’t need to move there for a fast day experience to drool over things you can’t manage to pay for and breathe the equal oxygen because the prosperous), however, it’s additionally highly scenic. From the hilltop views to the promenade, your digicam can be in Heaven. With the numerous cuisine, you can easily devour well for below €10 a meal.

2. Granada, Spain

Granada is one of the few cities in which you will some get free tapas along with your drinks. Tapas are mini quantities of meals to meet temporary cravings. We name them appetizers in America. These tapas can range from plates of rice to croquettes, to a big meatball, and other variations of Spanish-prompted ingredients.

So for the whopping charge of €2, you can have two drinks and two plates of meals. There are some places that even increase the component and quantity of food with each drink you purchase. Seriously Granada, where you’re thinking about walks on your dream for a budgeter’s heart. Get over here and permit me to love you.

3. Athens, Greece

Despite what the information shops need you to consider the complete state of affairs with Greece’s debt and a failing financial system, think about it, they want tourism now extra than ever! So please don’t let the media scare you into wondering you need to avoid Greece by way of any manner!


Athens, despite its graffiti-stuffed alleys and streets, is still one of the maximum traditionally-beautiful cities the European continent has to provide, and in case you’re searching out methods to help its financial system, then come and spend your dollars here! As many banks are quickly out of commercial enterprise, simply be sure to have sufficient cash on you to final you thru it slow there. That being stated, always live alert for pickpockets! You can examine extra suggestions approximately that in general right here.

4. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon just might be my preferred metropolis in Europe. I’m in denial because my coronary heart belongs to Barcelona, where I lived for a whole year. But Lisbon in reality has it all. The food, museums, and free open-air festivals make it such an appealing town in your pockets.

There are also fantastic baths, markets, and parks to virtually enjoy authentic surroundings. The humans are a terrific friend and despite the fact that you won’t recognize a lick of Portuguese, your eyes gained’t have no issues analyzing all of the fees below €five which you’ll see on the menu.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a top destination for Erasmus college students, gap years, travelers, and anyone else in between because of its huge form of the whole thing from cheap dwelling to free Wi-Fi in most public parks and streets. Barcelona does a first-rate job of looking out for its tourists. After all, they do make up a huge percent in their financial system, so they find methods to deal with and cater to their needs.

While this will encompass street providers promoting you €1 can of beer to casually drink on the metro before arriving at the nearby bodega or unfastened live shows in parks, you may usually expect a city like Barcelona to make an incredibly a laugh, affordable, and unforgettable getaway while crossing the Atlantic. Every day feels like a walk through a museum as you take within the fantastic surroundings from the architectural genius of Antoni Gaudí, whether at La Sagrada Familia or walking via Park Guell. You would also love to visit also cheap travel destinations in Asia – like Munnar, Phuket, Salah, Muscut, Herat, Bamyan.

Last words

As you can see above, we have mentioned the 5 Cheapest European Destinations You Must Visit once for a perfect holiday or vacation trip. All you have to book your flight ticket, that you can do by visiting the Virgin Atlantic Official Site. Here you can explore the customized deals as per your need and lots of offers too. Book now and visit all these places with your family or friends.





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