5 Best Automation Systems to Manage Your Business Sales

In this highly emerging digital era, all the businesses are making their online presence to connect with the customers online. Not only digitalization has made its place in small to medium size enterprises but automation has also. From tracking sales to keeping a record of all the internal and external transactions. Everything now can be done through advanced software that are available in the market. Through our research and knowledge of this automation software, we have listed down some of the most recommended tools that you can also use in your business.

Following are the best automation systems to manage the sales of your business.

  1. Salesforce ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the most common business automation software. It is famous because it helps the businesses to be more efficient in their operations and also in growing sales and demand of the business. It also provides businesses with a number of other applications to run the enterprise system effectively. For some software, it is difficult to integrate other software due to the change in data formats. But with ERP, one single system working as a stand-alone system, you can add different other software to support the total functions of the business.

The standalone feature of EBS in ERP is what makes it stand out among other competitors.  Because it allows connecting with other features as the business grown. Means you can add additional features when your business grows. Moreover, it also makes it convenient to expand easily with time. You can choose to implement an ESB for the integration of the ERP system and when your new application is available. You can easily incorporate the data into infrastructure. Some well-known platform includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM online.

  1. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is one of the top automation software for small businesses. It provides the businesses with personalized, organized and sales increasing platform. That can be used free of cost on a trial basis. In which, you can test if it suits the unique needs of your business or not. It helps the businesses to increase sales by analyzing the customer and making strong personal connections with them. It also allows its users to make marketing strategies for the customers along with keeping daily transaction record, a collection of payments on sales and selling products online. The only limitation with this software is that it is made for small businesses. Which means that only smaller businesses can avail this software because of limited capacity.

  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is unique in its own way. It is said that salesperson is used to loving this software because of the specialized sales features that it provides. Pipedrive has this unique feature of providing sales pipeline methodology in every business as well as being user-friendly. In the sales pipeline or sales tunnel feature, it analyses the customers and gives insights on how much sales can be secured on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Moreover, it also helps in making decisions for what actions will be suitable to tackle the situation and to secure more sales. That is one of the many reasons salespersons are used to love this software. Small businesses owners can also use this software as personal sales manager, as it has all those required features.

  1. Fresh sales

Fresh sales is a product of Freshdesk, a cloud-based company that is used to provide automated solutions for the support of the customer. It came into existence when the parent company realized that its employees have to use different sales software for its sales manager. It offers traditional CRM systems with some additional add-on features to businesses. Like prioritization of pipeline opportunity, insights after analysis of customer data and also suggestions for implementation of different methods to increase overall sales of the business. In addition to that, it is also used to provide cloud-based secured data option, which makes it easy to access the data. Another feature is its ability to easily integrate with popular business applications.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is known for its best services that it provides to the sales staff. It decreases all the stress of inventory check, contract agreements, presentations, and other repetitive tasks that sales staff needs to do on regular basis. Hence, sales staff can focus more on customer relationship as all the work is managed effectively by the sales staff. An American market research company, Forrester, found that use of HubSpot as sales automation software helped the companies to increase their annual growth rates. As per the records almost 63% of the companies that use sales automation software platforms in their work, are competing with their competitors excellently.

These are all the software systems that can be used to automate the sales of businesses. All the systems are considered good in the industry and have unique features. It can be selected by comparison of features being offered with the unique requirements of the business.


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