Torrents are the most used downloading platform in the world right now. But due to privacy loopholes, it possesses serious security threats. There are examples where people get daunting letters from lawyers and other authorization to stop using torrent. Seedbox is the weapon used by many to avoid such undesirable circumstances. Seedbox is hosted remotely.

Source: Quora

1.Seedboxes are useful because they do not use BitTorrent protocol, which can be used to track users’ home computers’ IP address. This makes it difficult for the user to be tracked on the internet. Many seedbox providers offer VPN integration along with the Seedbox services, which makes it doubly secured. And if the user pays the seedbox provider by bitcoins or a prepaid credit card then the personal information of the user is also safe from the provider.

2.Seedboxes are not only good for security purposes but also for ratios. Ratio maintaining is important while using torrent. The ratio symbolizes how much the user is uploading and downloading. Seedboxes are good for maintaining the ratio because seed boxes come with a large hard drive, which is functioning all the time. Thus, users can download the files from a private tracker and after downloading, he or she can leave it there for uploading. This also saves the user from the upload traffic at home as the whole process is done anonymously. Therefore, Seedbox can come in real handy while maintaining the ratio properly while using private torrent trackers.

3.ISPs are the enemy for those who like to download big files from the internet. ISP or Internet Service Provider can be tricky while providing services. If an ISP finds that the user is using a bigger part of his or her bandwidth, they will manipulate the torrent traffic in such a way that it limits the users’ speed. This can be averted by using a Seedbox. Seedbox does not allow torrent traffic on the home ISP. Seedbox usually uses FTP for downloading files. Other than that, SFTP of FTPS is also used. In the latter cases, the connection between the users and the Seedbox is encrypted so an ISP cannot watch over what the user is downloading. However, ISP still can measure the volume of data being used by the user. For avoiding so, users are advised to use a VPN connection along with the Seedbox. Many Seedbox providers are already providing VPN with Seedbox So in this way, Seedbox saves the user from the cunning ISP.

Source: Quora

4.Seedbox is a way that can be used by the users who do not want to have a computer that always finishes off the data allowance because of ISPs.

5.Seedbox can be set up for reading a specific tracker and automatically download the file when they are released. Therefore, the user does not have to check time to time for the release of his or her desired file. They just simply can set up the Seedbox to download it.

Thus, these are the main applications of Seedbox.

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