4 Tips to Deal with Health Stress and back pain in Physiotherapy

Millennials today face the most risk of work related back pain. The reason is today the youth spend hours before the computer and spend nearly half their life sitting at desk jobs.

As a result not only does their body not get the required amount of physical activity needed, but work stress also contributes to lower back pain.

Relation of work stress and lower back pain

Today with the cutthroat competition going on in the work field, every individual runs on a tight schedule. The tension of meeting deadlines, being better than their peers, workplace angst and bullying etc. all contribute to stress and anxiety. However, with the pressure to be the best most commuters fail to handle stress and end up facing a horde of physical and mental problems.

Now, as you know, stress results in messing up the body’s natural functioning. Putting a strain on the mind and body, stress causes malfunction of hormones and messes with the nervous and cardiovascular system. This results in weakening the body and making it susceptible to numerous illnesses including back pain.

As the symptoms of stress and pain are somewhat relevant, certain times stress can result due to Pavlov action and lead to back pain.

However, in the case of work-related back pain, the symptoms increase as a result of long hours spent at the office desk. On top of that, work strain causes the body to tighten up and contributes to bad posture. This further leads to chronic back pain which hampers productivity.

Nonetheless, apart from work related stress, music store online and back pain can further emerge due to accidents or trauma. These conditions put a physical strain on the body; and unable to handle stress imposed, the body deconditions muscles leading to back pain and bad posture.

Problems faced during stress related back pain

As mentioned above stress can result in chronic pain which arouses due to certain psychological and physical factors. When people are stressed, they often end up feeling lethargic, podiatrist ashmore, demotivated and unwilling to work.

According to WHO’s research, nearly 300 million people globally suffer from stress and anxiety. Further, in the past year, almost 550 million working days are lost due to people suffering from chronic pain and other illness.

All this leads to hampered productivity along with a loss in gross profit for both companies and individuals.  

Moreover, stress-related bad posture leads to increased chances of osteoporosis, spinal disorders, muscle cramps, and even depression.

Hence, it’s vital to combat stress and back pain to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Luckily, stress and back pain is completely treatable and with a few tips, one can easily improve posture and combat pain.

Let’s find out –

  • Physical activity

One of the major conditions affecting back pain is a sedentary lifestyle. While at work, when one sits at their desk for hours slouching or straining, it leads to muscle degeneration.

Hence, it’s vital that one takes their time to indulge in a bit of physical activity or physio gold coast to improve posture. So, either hit a gym or simply take a brisk stroll for 30 minutes approximately to stay fir and firm.

  • Use a Pump® Disc Hydrators®

Certain times, when one loses one’s posture due to excessive slouching and ends up facing chronic back pain, the solution is to avail a Pump® Disc Hydrators®.

These devices allow instant relief from painful neck pain and improve back stiffness.

Further, these devices provide the following solutions –

  • Helps in shaping cervical and lumber curves along with perfecting head and neck posture.
  • Does not the elongate neck, instead hydrates and decompresses neck discs.
  • Prevents nausea and headaches along with boosting mobility and flexibility of the body.
  • Exercises abdominal muscles to prevent any chances of back pain.

Hence, depending on your budget and symptoms you can avail the following Pump® Disc Hydrators® –

  • Posture Pump® Back Pump® Elliptical Back Rocker™ (Model 2000)
  • Posture Pump® Penta Vec® (Model 2500)
  • Posture Pump® Deluxe Full Spine (Model 4100-S)

  • Use Ergonomic furniture

Slouching along with bad posture is a big no when it comes to back pain. Therefore, if you need to work for long hours on chief warden training sydney  a desk job, ask your supervisors to get ergonomic furniture.

These ergonomic chairs and desks are designed to support employees during work. Height adjustable and designed to improve posture this furniture help in reducing back pain and stiff neck considerably.

  • Reduce stress

Stress management is very essential to prevent unnecessary back pain. So, eat healthy, meditate, manage time and create a routine to prevent anxious breakdown at work.

Thus, when one can handle stress is effectively half the problems of pain and bodily dysfunction reduces.

So that’s about it! Now, that you know the reasons catering to back pain and its solutions, follow these tips and watch how productive you get in the workplace.

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