4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

Choosing a cleaning company for commercial cleaning might seem like a small decision, but it can actually impact your business reputation. So you must ask these questions before hiring a cleaning company.

Admit it! Nobody wants to work in a dirty office. If the office is lacking in cleanliness, it will inevitably spread illnesses like wildfire thereby keeping customers away. Whether you’re wondering about keeping your employees from getting sick or worried about the overall office appearance, hiring a commercial cleaning company would be a great option to get along with. It would be more practical not to let things go on impulsively and regret at the end. Therefore, you must ask a few critical questions before deciding on a provider for your business cleaning. So let’s dive in;

What kind of insurance do they have?

This is one of the most important things that a lot of businesses often overlook. Businesses don’t realize how important it is for their cleaning company to be insured. If the cleaning provider is ensured, it’s ultimately going to give better protection for you. While you won’t really be responsible for the cleaning company’s employees, there’re situations where you might be liable for mistreatment or perhaps other legal situations. The cleaning company must have at least the liability insurance and workers comp insurance. So make sure you verify their coverage before hiring a cleaning company.

How do they screen their employees?

Well, you might think that cleaning employees aren’t very much responsibility. Since you’re hiring them to work at your place, you must be thorough. For safety & comfort of your employees alongside ensuring your investment protection, your cleaning provider should check every applicant’s criminal history alongside conducting the drug testing. The cleaning provider must also verify the records of the employees they’re hiring.

Keep in mind! Every cleaning service is different at some point with regards to their policies, which might impact your business operations to some extent. So to make sure you are hiring the best provider, make sure you must ask whether they screen their employees before hiring or not.

 Do You Provide the Cleaning Supplies?

Some of the reputable Dubai cleaning companies work with specific brands & types of products. In most cases, the cleaning provider will offer the cleaning supplies that might even charge a monthly fee for that. Some of the providers might also ask you to provide the cleaning supplies, and it’s beneficial for you as it allows you to choose the supplies that come in your budget. In case you’re willing to go for the cost-effective cleaning, choosing your own supplies would be the best option for you.

How are Employees Trained?

Don’t miss out this part! You must inquire about employee training since you’re hiring them for office cleaning. No matter your field, the cleaning employees must be well-trained alongside providing excellent services. You may even want to ask about equipment & cleaning agents as well. Don’t make assumptions, but ask. By finding this out on the initial stage, you can easily assess whether the provider is reliable or not.


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