4 Perfect Snacks to Order for Your Next Netflix Dates

If you’ve recently planned a Netflix date with your beloved in Ghana, chances are you’re excited to the core. After all, there is nothing more romantic than cozying up to a loved one in the company of good food and movies.

Now, you might have picked out classic movies of multitude genres like horror, drama and thrillers. However, without the right snacks to compliment your night, it won’t be as special. So, if you’re craving some delectable savories then you can order in from outlets like Papa’s pizza East Legon or Pizza Hut.

However, the real dilemma arises when you cannot decide what to order! Well, to simplify your search this blog will list 5 ideal snacks for ‘Netflix and Chill.’

1. BBQ Wings 

When nothing comes to your mind, remember you can never go wrong with BBQ wings. Made crispy and spicy, BBQ wings are coated with layers of paprika, garlic and pepper that add a quintessential ting which comes with the first bite.

One cannot simply get satisfaction with one bite. What’s more? If you’re ordering from a good outlet the subtle hint of spice and herbs will satiate your inner hunger. The best part, these BBQ wings taste even better with a good movie and your lover beside them!

2.      Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza and movies have been a classic combination since the ’90s. Made with dollops of cheese, herbs and pepperoni, this mouthwatering delicacy will let you enjoy the cheese-filled bite. The flavors being cheese, herbs and pork, mix intricate with your taste buds making it water and crave more.

Add a handsome amount of oregano and a dash of pepper and chili, and enjoy this pizza while playing a classic like ‘V for Vendetta.’

3. Meaty Pizza 

Meat is a low-key aphrodisiac for women and men, and this is not even a myth. So, if you crave pizza, another good option to invest in is a jumbo-sized meaty pizza. This one comes with ham and is made with mushroom, onions, tomato sauce, chorizo, cheese and herbs.

Thus, when all these spices are assembled, the result is a gateway to heaven. Bite into the cheese encrusted herby meat and enjoy a delectable snack with your lover while enjoying your favorite shows.

4. Rice and Chicken Meal 

If you want something more suited for dinner, then instead of pizza, you can also go for rice and chicken meal. For example, some restaurants like Papa’s pizza East Legonserve meals like ‘Jollof rice and chicken’ that is an instant hit.

Made with careful consideration, it features grilled chicken, and rice cooked in cinnamon, red pepper, onion, bell pepper, and beans. Very delectable and succulent, the herb rice combination is ideal for a hearty dinner.

Well, there you have it! Now, that you’re aware of the 5 classic dishes to order for a ‘Netflix and Chill’ evening, hurry and list out your favorites now! From fiery wings to rice meals, pack your foods and enjoy these on a chilly night with your lover!

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