3 Types of Mattresses With Great Body Cushioning Properties

Sleeping mattresses contribute a big role in your comfortable sleeping after spending exhausting hours at the workplace. Not only for comfort but mattresses are also responsible for your fitness because uncomfortable sleep results in various health-related issues. Currently, most of the mattresses are coming with scientifically proven materials. In a mattress store, experts can guide you with the best mattress type as per your need. Every person sleeps in distinctive postures that sometimes results in spine misalignment, neck pain or pressure points pain. Here is some valuable information to guide you with the best sleeping mattresses available in the market.

Types of mattresses with great health mattresses

  1. Gel infused memory foam mattress

Memory foam has the biggest customer base because of its comfortable molecular structure. This kind of foam material can be compressed in a small box and it regains original shape after unboxing. Memory foam was meant for astronauts in the beginning but now companies are selling it commercially. While sleeping, the body remains in constant position for a long time. It results in excessive pressure on sensitive points. Consequently, damage to soft tissues causes pain. These types of mattresses are made for supporting the entire body precisely from each corner. The only issue was with this material is the lack of heat ventilation. Therefore, gel infused memory foam is introduced by manufacturers. It is the upgraded version with the ability to absorb the temperature. Some of the significant benefits of this material are mentioned below:-

  1. Back support for spine alignment
  2. Relieve pressure points pain
  3. Accommodate in different positions
  4. Anti-allergic material
  5. No motion disturbance issue while sleeping with a partner

  • Latex mattress

Latex mattress is another scientifically proven material made with natural or synthetic latex. It is advisable to choose the mattress made with 100% natural latex. It is extremely comfortable that gives you a sinking feeling while supporting the spinal cord. Generally, the best mattress in Canada made with natural latex is more expensive than most of the alternatives. Some of the significant advantages of using this mattress are:-

  • Better air circulation than other materials
  • Long lasting for more than 15 years
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Resistant to dust mites and fungus

The mattresses made with latex is no doubt very comfortable but also heavyweight. Also, people with allergic issues may not feel comfortable with natural latex.

  • Pocket coil mattress

This is the upgraded version of an innerspring mattress. Rather than fixing springs randomly, these mattresses have pockets for every spring. The combined structure is much durable than a traditional innerspring mattress. It is a nice choice for proper air ventilation and preventing motion transfer. In addition to better comfort, their upper layer is made with memory foam.

If you don’t want to spend extra money for mattress sale in Toronto, there is also an option of padding with a mattress topper.


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