3 Tips to Make Your Wildflower Photography Tour more Memorable and Useful

Chinese wildflowers can leave beautiful effects to your senses. The vibrant colors, unique shapes, and alluring fragrances – the reasons to fall in love with exotic flowers are endless. Especially, the delicate and native species blooming in Tibet, Yunnan, or Sichuan can take your breath away. Not only are all the flowers quintessentially the bold and bright but also they are shy and pale. In addition to it, the sight of regal lily found abundantly in Sichuan is a lifetime experience.

The sight of morning dews on the petals – would it not make a great subject for photography? The droplets enhance the color and the foliage comes across as glossy. So, the color intensity and combination can insert the interesting factor in the composition. However, being a first-timer in the field of wildflower photography, did you know about all of these? As you are yet to discover many things, take a look at the following tips.

Taking Shots of a Long Stretch

When you will be traversing Yajiageng, Four Sisters Mountain, Yading, or other different regions of Sichuan, the vast floral stretches will mesmerize you. Witness the wildflowers in full bloom around July. Rainfall and sunshine are two important factors for the photography tour. Why? After the rainfall, nature dazzles in an enchanting way. And, the bright sunshine is one of the tools for every photographer in the field. So, prepare yourself to get astonished by the wonderful display of Corydalis, Pedicularis, and Meconopsis. Meanwhile, don’t forget to include the fauna in the floral shots. The wide range of birds flocking to the vegetation for roosting is worth remembering. So, catch the birds amidst the flower valley, perhaps?

Struggling with Perfect Light

The wildflowers promise the best of color display found abundantly in nature. An interesting fact to consider, the flowers continuously compete against each other for attracting birds and insects. However, the brilliant colors are not very easy to capture. Lighting is a huge factor, in this context. To get a balanced photograph, overcast sky while clouds hovering may be just what you need. On the contrary, a bright day is every photographer’s woe due to the harsh highlights and shadows. In case, it’s all shiny out there, bending a wire hanger into a circle may save you. Then put a shower curtain on the hanger, cut the piece (which is larger than the chosen wireframe), and tape it on your frame. This is the easiest step to get a light diffuser.

Using or Battling against the Wind?

During the wildflower holidays, you may come across different shapes of flowers growing freely. The wildflowers are delicate; hence, the slightest breeze can make them bounce in the air. As there is a great chance of facing the strong wind, using the fast shutter speed is an excellent choice. Choose a wider aperture and keep the shutter speed from 200 to 400. Again, for dodging the wind, use a light diffuser, shower curtain, or jacket. In addition to the context, the ideal exposure should be one of your concerns.

So, if you are ready to follow the previously mentioned tips, get your tickets for flower tour now!

Author bio: Steven Taylor, a travel blogger with keen interest in photography, has written how to make wildflower holidays more beautiful by following simple steps. Here, he mentions important things to remember for excelling at wildflower photography like a pro.


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