3 tips to help you keep up the trending carpet fashion lingo

What image comes to your mind when you think of vloerkleed goedkoop? A carpet is like the cashmere sweater. The investment that you will be making on a fancy rug is going to stay with you for a life time. And just like the soft bristles of cashmere fabric, it will never disappoint you.

Fabric and style – focus on only these two segments and pay little but crucial attention to the price limit.

now a carpet is not gong to be only a piece of floor covering to help you successfully go through the winters. It is going to be the centre of attraction; the piece of decor that will make your visitors jealous of you and oomph up the place. So it is necessary that you get the most stylish and substantial carpet to attract glaring attention!

Carpet selection tips

If you are the first time rug purchaser, you will find it immensely difficult to cope up with carpet variants. There are so many types with so much potential and promise for a home decor plan that it is almost impossible to make a straight cut decision.

Floor covers come in various shapes, sizes and most importantly colors. However, there are the later configurations to thing about. The very first thing that you have to be focused about is fabric.

Tip #1

Choosing the fabric

Woolen, natural dyed cotton and even synthetic – these are the major variants. You need to choose between one. The question remains – which one?

A buyer needs to decide which fabric will be the most suited for their decor and to them personally. After all, no one fabric is perfect. It depends on the decor idea that you wish to project.

Now along with the decor you also need to focus on textures and over all theme of the house. Also a buyer needs to pay special attention to allergic reaction. You may just turn out to be allergic to one material and not the other.

Apart than this you also need to focus greatly on the stitch pattern. It needs to be in sync with the theme that you are trying to project in the room’s decor. For example, if you have a rustic or ancient carved look on each of your furniture piece, then the rug of course cannot have a fluffy cloud kind of texture! In that case you need to make sure that the rug is having a flat top or a stitched pattern.

Tip #2

Colour of the rug

Matching the colour shade of a carpet to the surroundings is often not a good idea.

if you happen to have a bright pink coloured room with paintings and decor that are slightly pink, then the usual go to choice of your will be a hot pink shaded carpet. And that is not a good idea at all!

If you are going to stick to pink in such a situation then it better be a lighter shade. Toning it down will help.

Also, in such instances do not go for prime base colours or multicoloured rugs.

Choose a color that is going to be a tone higher to the room if the wall is light shade and a the vice versa. That way you avoid every possible colour conflict.

Tip #3


Just because you are getting a vloerkleed goedkoop does not mean that you take it without second thoughts. Pay close attention to the design.

Patchwork will go with your overall room decor if it is not cluttered up with tedious amount of decor pieces.

Also for particular rooms like that of children’s you can put a designed rug that appeals to the children.

So once you incorporate these ideas, you can get your hands on the most perfect carpet!

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