3 Beautiful Wedding Venues In Lisbon

Your wedding should be fun, but it should also be comfortable. In fact, whether it is a Destination Wedding or have relatives coming from other parts of the world to witness the beginning of your life with two, the word that probably occurs to you immediately is comfort. It is expected that you want to provide your friends and family with a quiet and comfortable stay, but never forgetting the refinement. So, today’s post is dedicated to those who have their hearts scattered throughout the four corners of the world. A selection of the best wedding venues with accommodation in Lisbon.

  1. Hotel Ritz Four Seasons

Considered one of the best hotels in Lisbon and situated in the heart of this charismatic and vibrant city, Hotel Ritz Four Seasons opens the doors to welcome you and your guests after, also, have already been the choice of several international celebrities.

The grand historical aspects of this hotel combined with its personalized touch and special in the decoration result in a space that meets all the conditions to have the much desired wedding worthy of a true fairy tale. This hotel is at your disposal to offer you a grand ballroom where the magic lasts until after the 12 o’clock and where you can later accommodate your guests in the other rooms or luxury suites that Ritz is proud to own.

Whether you opt for a guest room or a suite, you will find the incredible views that this hotel provides when you are in a strategic area in the City of 7 Colinas: you can enjoy the view of the old part of town, for the immense green park of Eduardo VII Park or to the majestic gardens of the hotel itself.

  1. Pestana Palace

The magnificent views of the Tagus River or the large gardens of the hotel that are considered National Matrimony by the different plants and tropical trees that you can find here are some of the reasons why Pestana Palace is in the list of the most luxurious hotels in the world. These are some of the reasons why this place should be on your list of spaces to consider to hold your ceremony and host your friends.

With facilities in a palace dating back to the nineteenth century, Pestana Palace holds rich halls and decorated in detail, as well as a large number of rooms and royal suites, which once corresponded to the private quarters of the Marquises. Who has never wished to feel, at least once in his life, as a prince and princess? In fact, Pestana Palace offers the possibility of experiencing this type of real treatment where the comfort, comfort, elegance and luxury will spoil the protagonists of the wedding and the guests of the same.

  1. Quinta da Bichinha

If your dream is to have a marriage that presents tranquility and privacy, with a unique environment, look no further! Quinta de Bichinha is exactly what it has idealized, especially if you are a great wine lover! In this space you can find an unusual natural beauty and with the old cellars completely rehabilitated, in addition to the gardens, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best that the Mediterranean climate Lisbon has to give you. Everything to make this space distinctive and appealing to be the stage of your marriage. The great motto of this site is “perfection in every grape we harvest and in every marriage we make”. And this is what this team wants to be your wedding: perfect, thinking about you and your guests, making them a reception that combines well-being and good taste.

And if you are invited to come from other corners of the country or even the world, Quinta da Bichinha has a welcoming accommodation system that is open for comfort and convenience. Air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. The next morning, indulge yourself with the breakfast that is included, thus giving continuation to a catering to eat and mourn for more, which you could try the day before.

These 03 places are the ones I discovered the best of all. I may miss some of them which I surely highlight on my next blog. So, don’t wait book your cheap flights to Lisbon from London now!

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