3 Amazing Marketing Ideas with Booklets to Celebrate This 4th July

Independence Day is always special for the people of any country. So, when you are planning to celebrate 4th July on a grand scale, don’t worry; you are not the only one. There are many people who plan just like you do. In fact, studies say that 216 million Americans spend around $7billion on the celebration of Independence Day. When this celebration includes special occasions, it also includes marketing too.

Now, when you are a brand, you start to understand how you must never let go of any chance to ensure that more and more customers get to know what you are offering, especially on the special occasions like Independence Day. Booklet printing can actually boost your marketing so that you can reach out to the wider audience with the right kind of tools. Are you wondering how it can help you? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Offer Help to your Customers

If you are planning to reach out to attract more audience, then the best way can be to offer them help. How can you do that with the help of booklets? Well, Independence Day is the time when actually there are lots of tourists that are visiting your city to take part in the celebration. You can think of helping to make their celebration better. For example, if you are an owner of the grocery store, then you can get your booklets printed from an online printing company with the recipes of special dishes and cakes that your customers can use. If you are a travel company or local businessman of artifacts, you can think of targeting the tourists and offer them booklets with city guides, safety tips, and different travel attractions in your city along with their history.

Know Your Consumers

This is another crucial step that you have to follow. When you are getting your booklets printed, you must know the customer base you are targeting with your marketing. This is the only way you can get the maximum ROI of what you have been investing for, spreading brand awareness and attracting more and more customers. Now, when you are trying to sell off your special products on and around 4th July, find out which segment of the population you need to target. If you are organizing an event, a march or a gathering, again find out your audience, try to figure out how you can tell them about the event that you are organizing. Since the event gives you an option to tell the audience about your cause and what you are aiming for, it is a good idea actually to publish them with the booklets. You can also print the pictures of previous similar events that you have hosted on 4th July with the booklet. Give the company of booklet printing services the images and they will take care of the rest.

Boost In-Store Sale

Think of every door direct mail with your booklets. You can get the booklets printed and distributed to every house in the neighborhood. Provide them with coupons that will be especially applicable for in-store sale on 4th July, on one hand, you can promote your brand better and ensure more footfalls at the store and on the other, you can track the success rate of the booklet marketing too. For a day like this, use a definite color combination. Think of red, blue and white.

So, now as you know about these marketing ideas what are you waiting for? Hire a company for affordable printing services and discuss your plans with them.

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