10 Ways in Which Field Force Management is Automating Your Business

For any business, tackling the surge in competition, longer sales cycles, fragmented leads data and managing the field force can prove to a dreadful plight. This can often lead to frustration and reduced productivity which would worsen the situation even more. The recent advancements in the field services industry have enabled the field force managers to bring out the maximum potential of the force in the field. Specifically, the field force management solutions are playing a huge role in automating the business and enabling them field force managers to have a complete control over the field force.

Below let’s see the ways in which field force management is automating the business.

  1. Simplifying the Complicated Tasks

Field force management solutions are getting smarter with the advent of time enabling the field force managers to automate the complex tasks that were earlier a cause of concern. These solutions are able to deliver the desired results all because of their ability to fetch real-time data and provide vital information. Having a direct communication with the field force enables the managers to provide a resolution for the problems faced by them.

  1. Coming up of Mobile Workforce

The popularity of mobile devices is quite evident in our daily lives. Be it our personal or professional lives, mobile devices have simplified the way we go about things and field force management is not left unaffected. Mobile field force management simplifies and streamlines the complex work order management and provides impromptu communication. It is a great way to manage the field force that is outside the company premises.

  1. Access to Real-Time Data

Being more mobile has made it easy to have access to more real-time information. Modern field force management software is capable of gathering the different types of data. One of the major benefits for field-force managers is to keep a track over the employees by utilizing the location tracking feature. Also, keeping up to date with the updates from the field team has become easier.

  1. Integrating New Systems

Over the years, the field force management software has integrated with new systems. A few of the common integrations include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Integrating with various systems provide different functionalities like centralizing a software, evaluating workforce’s productivity, optimizing route plan, providing interaction history of customers and more. All these systems simplify the complexities faced by the field force managers and manage the field force effectively.

  1. Possibility of Less Errors

Field force management negates the possibility of committing careless errors. When all the basic processes like information gathering are automated, the data gets synced across all the different systems of a field force management software. There is no need for the field force workers to record information manually and worry about committing any mistake.

  1. Perform Different Tasks Quickly

There are a lot of activities or tasks that a field force management software is able to perform quickly. Be it keeping track over the various appointments that the field force have to address or keeping a record of the various tasks, the software ensure that the field force managers have a complete control.

  1. Managing the Field Force

For field force managers, managing the actual field force and their tasks is quite an easy task. The real-time data that the software provides enables the field force managers to be well informed about all the tasks and the problems faced by the team in the field.

  1. Improving the Leads Margin

Field force management software allows companies to improve their leads margin. This enables the companies to generate profits and reap benefits. A few of the field force software have the ability to view all the leads on a daily basis and even schedule to contact them.

  1. Reduction in Costs

Companies are able to cut costs by saving significant amounts on fuel and time that they would have to otherwise invest on in the absence of a field force management software. For companies, cost-cutting is a directly proportional to the total benefits reaped.

  1. Improved Customer Experience

By managing the various schedules and resources, field force managers are able to take care of the customer’s appointments and exceed their expectations. This is the result in stronger customer bonding and an increase in customer retention rate.

Summing Up

Over the years, the field force management software will see a lot of technological advancements resulting in coming up new features and enhancements. FeetPort, a mobile application automates the different business processes for Sales Teams, Mass Surveys, Field Audits, Product Servicing & Repairs, Customer On-boarding, Customer Verification, and Field Inspections. Trusted by leading brands, FeetPort brings a whole new dimension to business automation and helping to scale your business up.

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