These 10 tools you must use to analyze your website from SEO perspective

There are multiple factors that can undo a marketer’s research and analysis. A change of single search engine algorithm or an update can leave them confused and wander in the dark with a profound sense of concern for their website. It would look as if Google, Bing or any other search engine is waiting for you to get everything on the line and then launch apprise to make all the work immediately outdated. We can do our analysis through SEO tools in a better way.

When a search engine suddenly changes its search algorithm, there is always a good reason to do it. Each algorithm update brings more relevant search results with ease of search engine optimizer’s work and user’s need. Nevertheless, there is still some confidentiality behind how they assess a website and decides which sites to show in their results and search probes.

With that stated, we want to divulge your attention to some free and exceptional tools, that can help you enhance your search results on a new algorithm update. They also help you determine your website’s quality and the way a search engine sees it, along with improvements you can make to make it better.

These tools can help you develop an organic search strategy, which will enable you to pay attention to different elements of your content on the website which a search engine believes important. Just for an instance, if you are a travel agent and marketing flight deals to anywhere, you will need to make it stick with the content of your online travel agency’s website with keywords that can enhance your search engine results in organic searches.

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Following are some tools that can help you analyze your website from SEO perspective.

  1. Webmaster Tools by Google

It is undoubtedly the best way to understand how the biggest search engine analyzes your website. A platform developed by Google itself, it is simply better to use it to know Google’s perspective. These tools are user-friendly and can help you determine the basics of Google search.

This tool is free of any cost and its basic purpose is a free site analysis. Its information and research can help you improve your website or page for better organic ranking and search engine page results.

  1. Website Grader by HubSpot

Website Grader is a project of HubSpot and was developed in 2007. Just like Google Webmaster, it is also used for site analysis and is free of any cost. It helps businesses to uncover different opportunities in Search Engine Optimization. With the passing time, HubSpot has changed their tools with frequent updates and improvements.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a keyword research tool which is free of cost.  It is basically a super defined console that stipulates and reports domains as a whole on their particular web pages. It also offers countless toolkits to optimize your web’s performance and search engine results. One such toolkit is SEO toolkit.

It can tell you about the multiple keyword ranking, page rank for a keyword, monthly search volume, and much more.

  1. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a decent platform to work on for link building. It is free for the first 14 days, and then you can start premium service for almost $24 monthly. It is one of the cheapest ways to accomplish your outreach with the incoming links for your website.

  1. SEO Report Card by UpCity

Developed by UpCity, SEO Report Card determines your website’s potential and stack it up against the competition. It is free of any cost and its basic aim is to become a share of voice. When you share your contact info, SEO Report Card will provide details about Rank Analysis, Link Building, On-Site Analysis, Website Accessibility, Trust Metrics, and Current Indexing.

  1. Woorank

Free for the initial 14 days and $49/m for a pro plan, and $149/m for a premium; it offers comprehensive site analysis, which helps marketing departments to capitalize on their chances in optimization and improvements. You can take into description the performance of current social media, creativities, usability, and more.

  1. SEO Audit Tool Found

SEO Audit Tool developed by Found is free of cost site analysis tool. If you want to leave your competitor behind on search engine page results, this is the tools to use. It is easy to use and identifies common SEO errors on a website.

  1. Remove’em

Costing around $249 per domain and a subscription option of $99/m, it is one of the best and highly recommended link building tool. Artificial links that are unnatural to the core, possess a serious potential to affect your SEO organic ranking. Avoid this bad decree by using this tool.

  1. Pro Tools by Moz

Moz’s Pro tools provide a site analysis free of any charges for a thirty day trial period. After that, it offers a paid plan starting from $99/m. It helps improve business search ranking and tools to identify SEO opportunities. You can also optimize and track growth along with building reports.

  1. SEO Overview Tool by Varvy

A free site analysis tool, it provides auditing with info related to their domains, links, strength, image SEO optimization, page speed, and much more.

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