10 Best Exhibition Stand Ideas to Connect With Visitors

Exhibitors strive hard and are always ready to go the extra mile to design and build a remarkable exhibition stand.  If you think you have done enough to build an outstanding exhibition stand then going the extra mile to make sure you leave no stone unturned in attracting visitors is a good idea. It is important to introduce new ideas to ensure as many people as possible head your way. Also, it is crucial to make your stand interactive so that your potential clients stay with you longer and engage with your team to know more about your brand and products.

To help you have an interactive exhibition stand companies in dubai, we have mentioned some creative ideas that will definitely help you to divert traffic towards your stand.

1)  Early Preparation Is Key

Exhibiting in trade shows and exhibitions is a lengthy process as you have to arrange multiple things. This is why starting early not only will make you ready before the actual date of the event but will also ensure your success to a great extent. You can make the most of your event by sending out invites in advance and promoting your brand through your social media platform as much as possible before the event.   

2)  Give an Experience

When it comes to exhibitions, brands are getting increasingly creative to give a unique experience to visitors. Create an outstanding experience to draw people over to your exhibition stand builders from across the room. You can use interactive technologies such as virtual reality experience equipment to create a different kind of buzz.

3)  Engage your audience

Once you succeed in bringing visitors to your stand, now is the time to engage with them instantly. Here you can use interactive games and fun competitions to get visitors talking and interacting with your team members in an informal way. Bring creative and unique ideas on how to engage and turn a visitor into a lead.

Who doesn’t love a competition? Try a wheel of fortune prize, which is super eye-catching and is a great way to engage visitors and get them to talk about your business and product. You can offer some small and medium prizes from your branded promotional merchandise to make them remember your brand.

4)  Be Social

Social media is a great platform to involve people who are not at the event. Remain active on your social media platforms while being at the event also. You can create a hashtag and keep tagging people at the event or your stand. Assign the task of connecting with other people and posting about the event to someone from your social media team.

5)  Explore Technology

If you cannot buy then you can also hire interactive technology that is now easily available. You can set up large LED screens or install touch screens to show off your new promo videos or social pages with a more high impact.

6)  Offer Refreshments

This is one of the important factors that will make people run towards your stand. This is one thing that people look for during hectic and tiring environments of trade shows and exhibitions. People are likely to get tired while roaming at large trade shows. This is why you must offer your visitors refreshing beverages such as tea, juices, cocktails, coffee, ice cream, smoothies, chocolates, sweets, and popcorn. Always remember the more creative the better and more memorable.

7)  Snapshots Create Engagements

People of every age group are now crazy for selfies and posting them online. This is the perfect reason for installing branded snapshots at your stand. You can engage your visitors by encouraging them to take a snapshot of your stand with the use of branded selfie frames. This is a low-budget trick that will not only grab the attention of visitors but will also keep them with you for a little longer. Doing so will also provide your brand and product with social media marketing without any extra hard work. To make a photo booth you can use a range of different props including cardboard cutouts and photo props.

8)  Offer Free Wi-Fi

By installing and providing free Wi-Fi you can make life convenient not only for your visitors but also for yourself, and your team. Be confident with your own fast and reliable Wi-Fi at your exhibition stand contractor london without having to trust the venue’s Wi-Fi which could be slow.  

9)  Create the Right Environment

In advance, plan your complete exhibition stand environment that will help you in making your space stand out in the exhibition hall. Employ tricks to create an experience that truly reflects your brand in everything, from your exhibition stand carpet and furniture to the complete perfect finish of your stand. If possible, create a place to relax such as a lounge area with beanbags and soft furnishings for visitors to sit.

10) Graphics with Impact

Graphics are an important element of your exhibition stand. You can enhance the look of your stand by using pop-up stands, shell scheme graphics, and a huge variety of fabric display stands. Never underestimate the power of graphics in your exhibition stand that will work harder for your business.

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